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UWA PSBers - Oil Slick On Hackett Drive outside the Tav

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  • UWA PSBers - Oil Slick On Hackett Drive outside the Tav

    If your bike is parked outside the tav, watch out as you turn onto Hackett Drive.

    A van rear ended a 4wd in the right lane hard enough to domino it into 2 more cars. There's a popo car blocking off the right lane and a big slick of oil and coolant across the left lane. Would be a ticket to a lowside if you accelerated spiritedly out of the turn.

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    Hey, I saw the pile-up coming in. Thanks for the warning i'm just about to leave unisfa.
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      No need for anyone to worry any more. I went past about 4:15 and they were redirecting traffic through the uni while they cleaned up the fluids.


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        they still haven't really cleaned the fluids, just threw some sand on. I went by at 5pm. It's gonna be a slippery area for a while i imagine