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Beware - Wellington St train station

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  • Beware - Wellington St train station

    My mum was just attacked at the Wellington St bus/train station, leaving station to cross Wellington St, by a drunk white male. No idea of age, but he raced at her, started hitting her and was yelling abuse. She got away with the help of two older ladies. No one else came to her aid.

    Mum was so freaked she ran to her bus (St George's Tce) and didn't call me till she was on it.

    She didn't call the police, but wanted me to warn everyone.

    Ladies, please be careful.
    unless you are bigger than this jerk and you meet the dirty fuck, then beat the crap out of him for me.

    (I am shaking and she only told me about it, I have no idea how she must be feeling)

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    Bottomfeeding window lickers that get physical with women should get no mercy.
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      Call the security hut at the station and get them to pull the tapes, report it to the cops.

      Maximise the chances of tagging this guy in the future.

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        Scum. Lowlife fucking scum. Glad your mum is ok though.
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          glad shes ok neroli *hugs*


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            That is the worst thing I have heard for a while!! I can't believe no-one helped her. What is wrong with people. I hope he gets his come-uppence - you have no idea what I really want to write here!!!! My brain is swearing and I'm trying not to let it out. How is you're mum going to take that trip again after that????? She knows no-one will help if she gets trouble, and we are not allowed to carry weapons. Well, I'm going to be searching my house for some weapons to carry with me while walking our fine streets of Perth.

            Give her a hug when you see her and tell her to take up Tae Kwon Do, fucking karate chop the fuckers to death!!!

            Get her to report it as they should have cameras and something may be done about it.

            Also, remember that speeding motorists are very dangerous and that is where the police are putting all their .... efforts.

            I have no more to say but I'm very shitty!!!!!!!


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              Originally posted by CitizenD View Post
              Call the security hut at the station and get them to pull the tapes, report it to the cops.

              Maximise the chances of tagging this guy in the future.
              +1 Make sure it is reported as it all adds up as evidence if the prick is caught down the track
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              Originally posted by Phildo
              Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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              i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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                Neroli make sure your mum reports it. For her own sake as well as anyone else that may get attacked by this scum.

                Just another reason i'm over public transport.


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                  Where were the guards?

                  Oh thats right they are employed to check for tickets not public safety.
                  You put the c*nt in country run


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                    F*CK!! Sorry to hear Neroli, glad ur mum is ok tho! Def should be reporting it...


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                      Glad she got away....other's may not have been so lucky.

                      Group ride down to the Undreground platform?
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                      I'm probably fucking something up.
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                        where are the PSB members when you need them. Out of all the people I know the fine people on these forums are the most willing to lend a hand in almost any situation, pitty none of us were there.

                        glad she's ok, and just to re-itterate what everyone else has said, make sure she reports it.
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                          Thats low... Fucker should be ripped apart by savage dogs.
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                            I reckon this would be appropriate:
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                              god i would be so insanely angry if that happened to my mom. my old man (who is on a 100% disability pension and suffers from parkinsons among other things) got rolled at an atm machine by a couple of aboriginal teenagers.. i wish i could find them so i could stuff them into a drain pipe.
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