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Cop's Spotted behind Causeways

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  • Cop's Spotted behind Causeways

    I was pulled over about a hour ago by 4 police men standing on the corner of the park behind the Causeway center..

    I was fined and lost 3 points for going up the cycle path entrance on a no entry street..

    i thought o well at the time was in the wrong.. but when i looked up what i was charged with it was..


    Careless driving 62 . Careless driving
    Every person who drives a motor vehicle without due care and attention commits an offence.
    Penalty: 12 PU.

    Well i disagree.. I was totally aware of what was around me and i even slowed down and indicated when i entered the BIKE thought fare.

    So bummer..

    So Many Assholes, So Few Bullets

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    1 PU (penalty unit) = $75, so 12 PU would be $900. I hope they didn't give you a pineapple this large?
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      I reckon a bike is a bike and we should be able to use those lanes to get away from the killer cages. Sorry to hear that, Madkat, that sucks.


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        why'd you stop ?
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          goddam thats fucked up. bad luck man


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            I feel better for the that that another menace to society has been punished.


            fuckers got nothing better to do?
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              Originally posted by thro View Post
              I feel better for the that that another menace to society has been punished.
              :p:p:p yeah it does stink of that doesn't it?

              fuckers got nothing better to do?

              even though its pretty crap, i suppose if you do something like that right in front of them, what do we expect the popo to do?


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                I occasionally use that entrance to get to Causeways.
                You get to play on the (bumpy) twisty onramp, a narrow lane, then some quiet backstreets to terrorise.

                Some distraught old lady probably rang up and complained that motorcycles were hooning around the streets.


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                  I'm suprised this didn't make headline news over the cousins saga. Hoon bikies in gangs tearing up neighbourhoods enticing children to take up a life of drugs.
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                  Good riders don't need insurance though, they can evade any situation



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                    lol. must be a hoon bikie thing. Yesterday someone dumped a car in my villa complex, after having been in a long chase. They saw my next door neighbour on her scooter, following behind it at one point, and told her later when they got here, that they had her noted as a "person of interest".

                    I made sure I told her she was a damn hoon motorcyclist. lol
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                      They are there quite alot .... its one of their favorite spots as its easy pickings.
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                        Originally posted by Jonchilds View Post
                        Some distraught old lady probably rang up and complained that motorcycles were hooning around the streets.
                        People on motorbikes behind a motorcycle shop .. right, didnt expect that. Stupid old do-gooder with nothing better to do.

                        Oh well, copping a fine is never a good thing, but 4 coppers though?


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                          If you wished to fight it, defend yourself and if you can prove that you were doing that move with all due care and attention then you might have a chance.

                          Was the move dangerous? Were there any people on the path? Should they have charged you with entering a No Entry? Were you going Slow enough?

                          They have to prove UNDUE CARE AND ATTENTION as that is what the charge is. I defended my self on a careless charge for WEAVING all over the road on a [email protected] ride (As we all do). The PoPo could not prove what I was doing was done without due care and attention and the judge dismissed the charge. I used photo's and got the officers to draw on the whiteboard exactly what I did wrong. The police Prosecutor had never ridden a bike so assumed that if a bike lean's over at speed it become's unstable.

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                            I still dunno how the careless driving charge was thought up.

                            I'd be challenging that, as careless is bad to have on your insurance record.
                            Should've been 'dangerous' if they wanted it to hold up in court.


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                              There was a 'Road traffic act' on the psb forum but it has been moved to somewhere?

                              This might help?
                     tho it's from the 'Road traffic act 1961' and this may be outdated by the 1997 act or later as below but i couldn't find the 'Road traffic act 1997'?
                              ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1974 - SECT 62 Careless driving

                              Maybe ask a lawyer for advice if you wish to pursue the matter?