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Police admit to misinterpreting hoon laws

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  • Police admit to misinterpreting hoon laws

    Courtesy of: Police admit to misinterpreting hoon laws - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Police in Albany, in southern Western Australia, admit they should have examined the state's anti-hoon legislation in more detail when they tried to confiscate a man's car after his third driving conviction in five years.
    Last month, an Albany magistrate rejected an application to permanently seize 20-year-old Matthew Steicke's car after his third hoon offence.
    Police Minister John Kobelke says errors were made in the case against Mr Steicke and he defended the legislation as it stands.
    The acting Superintendent for the great southern, Cyril Laurent, admits police erred in their interpretation of the laws, but says it is a complex piece of legislation.
    Inspector Laurent says it is also the first time police in WA have attempted to confiscate a car under the laws.
    "Police are there to enforce the law and sometimes we come up with our own interpretation in terms of how we see things," he said.
    "But we learn from it and court cases are exactly for that reason, we will learn from that and we won't make the same mistake again."
    No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.

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    I thought in that case they were silly enough to charge him under the recently introduced road-rage provisions to the hoon laws, hence they were thrown out because there was no road rage.