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Two more speed cameras!

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  • Two more speed cameras!

    One on the freeway northbound just after the narrows, car was a white Rav 4 type thing with the roof rack capsule type thing.

    And another one on Albany Highway Canningtonish, northbound side, think it was near the cop shop. Has a red flash

    I tried SMSing one through this afternoon but I guess it didn't make it.
    Are we still able to do the hi tech internet SMSes?

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    think the sms system is down for a bit
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      Aaah yes, they're using Nissan X-Trails with the roof rack luggage capsule as Multanove vehicles if you see the tell-tale X Trail on the side of the road with one of those aero-luggage boxes on the roof, you know what it's doing there!


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        are they still using the filiing cabinet sized boxes for multinovas? I last saw one on Roe Hwy between Kenwick Link and Nicholson Rd but that was almost a year ago.
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          I have seen a metallic green X-trail! CAREFUL! The buggers are usin camouflage now, tehy iz gettin teh smartz on teh brainsz!
          I love two strokes. Because they annoy the shit out of people. ^_^


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            Yup saw a blue Xtrail on friday night setting up, Sneeky buggers