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  • Rider down

    Just got in and have not seen a post for this.

    Rider down at the lights cnr of Beach Rd and Davalia Street in Carine today around 5pm. Not sure but think it was a Yamaha FZR, White with a bit of blue and red. Ambos attending and police had blocked off one lane.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, hope the rider is ok and heals well.
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    Whoever it was, I hope they're ok


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      Hope the rider is ok.

      Any news on who it is? how it happened?


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        oh shit, that could be Steve!
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          any more news on this??
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            Shit take care everyone, hope your ok buddy.


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              Here's hoping he is ok, whoever he is
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                Shit, only seen this now.
                a) Its a fkn dangerous intersection,
                b) they cleaned up quick, not a sight of it what I went past 15mins later.


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                  not the australia flag fzr250?
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