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Anyone had a pit bike or mini moto stolen in Kardinya?

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  • Anyone had a pit bike or mini moto stolen in Kardinya?

    A mate of mine is building a house in Kardinya and on Sunday night some punk (or could be punkS, I don't know) dumped and set fire to a (presumably) stolen mini moto or pit bike inside the partially constructed house which nearly caused all the roof timbers to go up in flames. Little wonder these days that people fence building sites off with this sort of shit happening.

    Fortunately the Firies got there in about 3 minutes and put paid to that little act of assholism. Well done boys.

    But the question remains - anyone in that area had a mini moto stolen recently?

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    One thing we do have in WA, excellent firies that respond quickly.


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      no, but I had my cbr250 stolen from there a couple of years back. that's my 2c
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        bastards. What street was it in as i know a few people who live around there.
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