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bit of a heads up - canning vale

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  • bit of a heads up - canning vale

    well, just recently, the new cop shop was finished, and in the past week since i've been home, i've lost count of the number of cops i've seen around the garden st area, and also lost count of the number of police sirens i've heard late at night.

    so, just a heads up - beware nicholson rd/garden st drag-strip is actually a 70 zone, and there are roadworks (40 zone, right out front of the cop station) in the area....

    Posted just as i've heard another 2 people get pinged for speeding from my place...
    “Crashing is shit for you, shit for the bike, shit for the mechanics and shit for the set-up,” Checa told me a while back. “It’s a signal that you are heading in the wrong direction. You want to win but crashing is the opposite. It’s like being in France when you want to go to England and when you crash you go to Spain. That way you’ll never get to England!” -- Carlos Checa