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  • RIP Wednesday Night Ride

    The Wednesday Night Ride is dead.

    Rocked up last night and none of the usual H4RD C0R3 were there. Had a chat with Davey and Mags, as well as some poor fool on a REPSOL replica, patted the dog/horse that is the Great Dane of Karina & Jono and then the lovely Chyna rocked up. A couple of others were out, but none that were looking to join a ride.

    That was it. Beautiful afternoon and no one was out. Pathetic.

    So it seems the WNR as we used to know it has died.

    Long live the Wednesday Night Ride!
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    Boo Freakin' Hoo


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      So given one night the regulars didn't turn up, you think its dead?...... try again next week, or possibly the week after? What about the newer members who still want to go on a wednesday night ride? In time they'll become regulars, and possibly even H4RD C0R3 regulars.....

      Don't give up, peoples free time ebbs and flows as circumstances change, as you well know, it could just be one week from being back again......

      You may also find that Daylight Savings means that rides would have to start later to avoid the searching eye of the law and allow people to enjoy some form of obscurity from identification...... and for some people the later times would just be too late.....

      Never fear, WNR's will come again. They just didn't happen this week.

      Hornet = Drama Queen
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        my xxx is still under pain kilelrs I aint ridin anything
        2 wheels or in a skirt!
        Real Men Ride Nakid


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          Originally posted by BlackFZR View Post
          Hornet = Drama Queen
          Netcraft - Search Web by Domain..

          391 sites?

          netcraft confirms it, the wnr is dead!


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            Could it be that the drags and the WNR conflicts?


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              hmm. i should attend one, it's just got a reputation for being a little hard core

              obviously you have the hard core crew, but perhaps new blood is a bit scared off?
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                Hey Hornet,
                I managed to catch you just as you were leaving.
                Me and 4 others went for a decent run after we grabbed a feed.
                *Kinda spewin I didn't ask you if you were keen*
                We had these 2 x 2008 Models to run / scrub in.
                (Gixxer shop bike/demo and my mate picked up his new Busa yesterday)

                Was a good night in the end..... didn't see any Boogers.

                Next time.........

                I want to leave this world the same way I entered it, screaming and covered in blood.


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                    *with pats* there there, there there

                    How 'bout we head out for a spin on Friday night instead?

                    You've been quite cranky of late. What's up sunshine?


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                      I understand your problem Hornet, and I have a solution for you...

                      Give me a bike.

                      Put a bike under me and I guarantee to attend every single Wednesday Night Ride.

                      Thats just the sought of giving thoughtful guy I am.

                      (I also promise not to play with throttle locks)
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                        Sorry horny just couldn't be fvcked. and yeah the sun was to bright and all. Promise ill start them up again soon.


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                            perhaps everyone has worked out that fanging around suburban streets at night in big inexperienced groups is just a horrible accident waiting to happen?

                            lotta people I know wont go anywhere near those rides



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                              Originally posted by imoXu View Post
                              perhaps everyone has worked out that fanging around suburban streets at night in big inexperienced groups is just a horrible accident waiting to happen?

                              lotta people I know wont go anywhere near those rides

                              I don't think it's the possibility of an accident that is the problem with these rides. After all, an accident can happen on any group ride, or any ride generally. We all know that and accept the risk.

                              The problem with Wed/Fri night rides, or any ride the involves groups of bikes tearing around the suburbs, is that it is the kind of activity that gives motorcyclists a bad name and provides the 'bread and butter' for TV shows like Today Tonight and also for 'talkback' radio.
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