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  • Big Thanks

    Big thanks to the rider who handed my keys into the office at the Perth Convention Centre this arvo. I got all the way to my bike that was parked near the freeway on ramp on the other side of the Convention Centre before I realised I had dropped them after paying for my ticket, guess I needed the exercise, and the reminder to BUY A SUMMER JACKET!

    Cheers, I owe you a drink (if you drink and are on PSB!) to find the murderous rant thread regarding the parking at the Convention Centre / in Perth in general....

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    there still are some nice people left in this world...

    good stuff rossi girl, glad it worked out for you =]


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      Nice to hear with all the bad eggs out there! There are some good folks about ay!


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        More big thanks due.

        In the carpark at Medicare in Subi today (around 4:10) and came back to my bike (which I had parked on the right side of the carbay (out of the oil) A car has parked on the right side of the bike, just a bit too close for me to swing the bike round on the stand and drive off, so I start reversing the bike (on tip toes), come across a bump, rock the bike back and forwards and get the rear wheel over it, starting to emerge from the bay now and a car has stopped to let me out. The front wheel gets stuck on the bump, but this time I'm having trouble as my left foot keeps slipping on a storm drain grate.

        I'm stuck.

        Couldn't put the stand down now if I wanted to because of the grate on the left. Out of nowhere a black bike (KTM?) appears, pulls into the bay to the left and the rider gives me a push to freedom! Thanks!!!!

        P.S nice bike!


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          This sort of thing truly restores some of the faith I have in humanity.. I'd help too, and especially as your ride a Priller..

          Living in the Pilbara destroys.. I got hit on my pushbike the other day and the driver of the car drove when they saw me stand up okay.. grr...