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  • New Hoon Laws - NSW

    YouTube law to shame hoons

    Article from:

    By Simon Benson, State Political Reporter
    November 12, 2007 12:00am

    CAR hoons will have their vehicles crushed and the video posted on the internet in a bid to deal with the growing defiance of speed obsessed drivers in Sydney.
    But first they will have to witness their car destroyed under crash test experiments in RTA labs.
    This wreck (pictured) was the result of the lunacy that prevails on the streets of Sydney, destroyed in a high-speed crash in Londonderry.
    As four more cars were confiscated at the weekend in drag racing offencesYouTube justice to shame car hoons across Sydney, The Daily Telegraph can reveal Premier Morris Iemma is planning a major offensive against this increasingly reckless - and often fatal - behaviour.
    On Saturday night, a P-plater crashed into a tree at high speed in Londonderry. The 20-year-old driver and his 16-year-old passenger suffered multiple fractures and were last night in Nepean Hospital.
    Will street-racing hoons be stopped through "Youtube justice"?. Vote in our poll.
    It was what The Daily Telegraph warned in August would continue to happen unless NSW adopt Los Angeles' style laws that not only confiscate cars but destroys them.
    Following a campaign sparked by a flood of support from Daily Telegraph readers - in the wake of the deaths of Alan and Judith Howle, allegedly killed by street racers - the Government has agreed to toughen the laws for car hoons.
    And if crushing their cars does not change the behaviour of young drivers, the Government will consider posting the entire spectacle on YouTube as an education tool.
    "These modified, loud and often illegal vehicles confiscated from car hoons will be smashed to pieces in our crash labs, the results filmed and analysed, and the wrecks shown to other young drivers as a warning," Mr Iemma said.
    In four other incidents at the weekend police charged four drivers and confiscated their cars after two street racing incidents in Sydney's southwest.
    A 23-year-old P-plate driver and a 23-year-old man were given court attendance notices for street racing at Lansvale and had their cars confiscated.
    Two Holden sedans were also seen racing on Victoria St, Wetherill Park, on Saturday night.

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    Yay for environmentally friendly policy.

    “Crashing is shit for you, shit for the bike, shit for the mechanics and shit for the set-up,” Checa told me a while back. “It’s a signal that you are heading in the wrong direction. You want to win but crashing is the opposite. It’s like being in France when you want to go to England and when you crash you go to Spain. That way you’ll never get to England!” -- Carlos Checa


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      what a shit law


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        lol we'll take you car and smash it on youtube

        very mature



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          The car was already destroyed in the crash, what sort of safety test could they do and who cares what the rating of a car long superseded is?
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            I don't think it's that bad an idea....

            *waits for flames*
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              WIll they do the same for drink drivers? That's more dangerous than hooning
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                Originally posted by voided View Post
                I don't think it's that bad an idea....

                *waits for flames*
                At what point does it become okay for the state to rob you after you've already fucked up?

                You're already being punished, what the fuck is destroying a vehicle after the fact going to accomplish?
                such comment
                many post


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                  Yes that'll make me stop for the cops :rollseyes:
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                    "Today on 'Will It Blend': A confiscated 'hoon car'."
                    No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.


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                      i agree with tyson - if that's gonna be the end result then more and more will be trying to do a runner.

                      stop & lose car.
                      run & get caught & lose car
                      run & get away = keep car.

                      they just don't realise that for these people, if you put their backs up against the wall they are just gonna do more to get away.


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                        I like the idea of them using them for road and safety before they crush it at the very least. It's my understanding they don't even use the cars in crash tests in the states, but that's unconfirmed. Not so sure about the youtube thing... doesn't seem like a very smart move to me.
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                          Right or wrong it will get the popular vote. That's what govts seem to be doing these days. It doesn't have to be the right thing it needs to look like a problem is being addressed and create a little diversion. If they put it to a vote I reckon there'll be an overwhelming support for it.
                          Personally I'm not really convinced it's the right way to go. Has it really worked in LA? I wouldn't know.


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                            Originally posted by TYSON View Post
                            Yes that'll make me stop for the cops :rollseyes:
                            Tyson got it in one.

                            Really, if you're going to be 10, 20, 30... 100k out of pocket, would you stop, if conditions were suitable for running, or even slightly dubious?
                            “Crashing is shit for you, shit for the bike, shit for the mechanics and shit for the set-up,” Checa told me a while back. “It’s a signal that you are heading in the wrong direction. You want to win but crashing is the opposite. It’s like being in France when you want to go to England and when you crash you go to Spain. That way you’ll never get to England!” -- Carlos Checa


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                              This is an entitlement of the hoon laws.... It's only MULTIPLE repeat offenders that have this happen. If you get caught doing one the the few "confiscate car" offenses, and it is the third time you've done it, the car you are in is impounded permanently. It can be swapped for a vehicle registered in the person's name, if they are not driving their own car. After it's gone to court and everything has been tied up, provided that you didn't seek half competent legal aid and the state gets your vehicle, it is then theirs, to do what they want with. Bear in mind, that to get to this point, you have to have had your license suspended twice and your car confiscated temporarily and you still have to have done similar crazy shit AFTER all that, not to mention the thousands of dollars of fines. The normal course of action so far has been, 16 yo get's booked, 1st "severe" hooning charge(remember.. there are levels to this), license supended, huge ass fine. While under suspension, idiot jumps in car again, and pulls off another "severe" hooning charge, probably only bumped up to the severe category because they were suspended WHILE doing 145 over or something similar. Suspension is increased from 3 months to 1 year and the driver has their car impounded for 3 months. Then, While they are under their new suspension.. and while they have no car, douche jumps in parents or mates car, and STILL get's another hooning charge... Then the parents/mates car is seized, and the moron will have no choice but to swap his (already impounded) car for the one that he was caught in, and it "becomes" the property of the state. It's the people who do all this and then DON'T TAKE IT TO COURT because they struggle to tie their shoelaces, that lose their cars and have them crushed/youtubed. IIRC, Every one of these that has gone to court has had their penalty reduced. That's even with them being an obvious, complete neanderthal.
                              Can't be f'ed finding the legal reference, this is from the victoria legislation which was based on the qld laws, which served as the template for everyone else.
                              IANAL: Check all this stuff if you think you might be stupid enough to do all of the above, my facts may not be entirely correct as i'm working from memory here....

                              **Edit: Also, Hoon offenses build on one another within a three year period, after that, you start with a clean slate so to speak.

                              I've found the bill for Hoon laws WA, i'll post it up/amend^^ after my exam
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