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  • Senior First Aid Certificate

    Hi all,

    Just letting you know the MRA in conjunction with Advanced Life Ambulance are holding a discount Senior 1st Aid Certificate during October & November.

    Cost is normally $130 but is now $80.

    The first aid course has now arranged and confirmed for the following dates in October 2004. They all start at 9am and finish at 4pm. They are run by Advance Life Ambulance in Rockingham. Therefore you can have a great ride before the course.
    The course is a two day course and takes up the weekend.It is the senior first aid accredited course. The dates are the 16th & 17th the 23rd & 24th and the 30th and the 31st. We will also have a two day course during the awareness week which runs from the 14th of November 2004 until the 21st of November 2004 with the awareness ride on the 21st of November 2004. There will also be two one day basis first aid courses run during the awareness week as well as a couple of rider training courses.

    As it will be all bikers attending they will be adding more information on treating Motorcycle specific Injuries. How to remove Clown shoes etc.

    If you ride in a group then I would consider this an essential thing to have.

    Please direct all enquiries to:-

    Roy Edwards
    0428 310 136
    [email protected]

    Big Rob
    You put the c*nt in country run

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    Do you need to hold other certificates to do this one?


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      basic first aid should be a minimum i recon when you sit for your drivers/riders licience, everyone should have a basic knowledge, ied like to know that the guys im riding with can be there to help me out if i need it like ive been there for those who needed me, my first aid training is basic and im constantly training and practicing due to the nature of my job,
      so wether you go and learn with St John or Advanced...well at least you walk away with something that could save someones life!


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        Post cleaned up at the request of Wrex


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          Ya SFA (Senior First Aid) is the Basic Course designed for overall coverage on how to deal with the bad shite that happens.

          I think its a great idea and hope to be apart of it.

          It doesnt matter if you do it through Red Cross, St Johns, or Advanced Life ... Its all the same with only very mild changes. All in all though it is well worth doing.