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Pineapples for 1 or 2 this arvo??

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  • Pineapples for 1 or 2 this arvo??

    Coming back from reffing swimming at lunchtime, got to Mirrabooka Ave/Reid Hwy lights and had a yellow FZR1 come up along side me, didn't know it at the time but he was with another rider. The lights changed and they took off, other rider was I think on a red CBRthou.

    Speed was over 110clicks, I passed them at one set of lights and they screamed passed me again, they headed down Reid at the Tonkin lights and slowed their pace down a little. I caught up with them and when we got down to near Lord St cars coming the other way were flashing their lights, so they slow down to 87-89, I weaved past them and continued along at 90-92. Finally got to were a motorcycle cop had pulled over 2 bikes and a car, the cars in front slowed down to 67, so I went passed them at around 72, the guys got stuck further back in traffic.

    Approaching Gt Norther Hwy I stayed in the right lane as there was a truck in the left lane followed by a sporty little white car, I took off at a slight clip but kept it under 84 (speed limit is 80), I had gone a couple of hundred metres and a car from the other side of the road starts to do a uie over the grass medium strip, as I go past I notice that it is an unmarked cop car (both had green vests on) so I keep the same speed and watched as they pulled in behind the sports car who was now behind me.

    The 2 bikes then come screaming past (I'm sure I was spun around ) down the middle between the two lanes. The Red rider turns left up Toodyay Rd in front of traffic turning from the other direction, the Fzr1 rider obviously not quite as much of a daredevil, held it to check the traffic and go around a car parked waiting to turn, the cop car screams up beside me, sees there is no room to turn, so goes and turns left at the lights. I turn left around the parked car and go through the same time as the cops, so I let them passed. Cars spilt left right, stop etc and kaos reigns, slowing the cops down.

    The 2 bikes ride straight through Stratton Caltex courtyard with the cops now a little further behind them. I glanced up the road to see the cops heading around the roundabout after them.

    Of course now I'm wondering if they got away or they (or at least the Fzr1 rider) got pineappled, cos I'm sure they would be getting pretty big ones :o

    Moral of story (if you do get caught dudes) - If a rider who has passed you slows down, there is usually a reason, in this case an unmarked cop car

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    holy shite batman

    whats it like being in the middle of all that !

    think i would have ridden on chuckling under my helmet

    those cops woulda earnt their pay lol

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      haha I would have been pissing myself laughing if caught in the middle of all that, wonder if they did get away with it or not lol
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        XXXX still owes me big after one night at the drags! She was very close to a pineapple by an undercover cop..