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Evel Knievel Passed away aged 69

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  • Evel Knievel Passed away aged 69

    Heard on radio this morning, original motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel died this morning due to long term illness....

    Ride on in peace Evel....

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    RIP Grandfather Stunter.

    May your jumps always be higher and buses more numerous.


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      Oh, thats sad news - Rest in Peace Evil
      Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...


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        Rest in Peace...


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          RIP legend
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          benjamin is nobodys friend. if benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick.
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          Good riders don't need insurance though, they can evade any situation



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            Ah that sucks
            The first thing I ever recorded on our first ever VCR was an Evel Knievel show.


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              Evel Knievel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

              [ame=]YouTube - Evel Knievel[/ame]

              evil knievel - Google News

              This guy led the way when there wasnt a way

              RIP EK
              Real Men Ride Nakid


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                He was a very sick man for a long sad to hear.

                RIP inspired many generations.
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                hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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                  What a legend.

                  RIP mate.


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                    Ah what a sad loss.


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                      Respect + RIP

                      Legendary Daredevil Evel Knievel Dies - AOL News


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                        Rest in Peace Evel.
                        You never die in the hearts and minds of those who remember.

                        A little over a year ago...
                        I don't know that the message ever made it, but it's a good trip down memory lane.
                        "Look wise guy, I know I'm a racer, I can feel it in my code."


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                          nooooooooooo..... RIP.

                          NAGA JOLOKIA CHILLI
                          1,041,427 SHU
                          go on you know ya wanna try one!


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                            In memory.

                            Thank you Eval you were a big part of my child hood. The stunts you would preform were inspiring.
                            So much so that one of my greatest childhood memories involves you.
                            Gary is a family friend, one day he came over and said to me, "lets build a jump and i will pull you over it on your hill trolly".

                            Of course as an eight year old boy, i got all excited.

                            What made it more fun was that he too thought you were a legend and decided that we should make this a stunt show.
                            Eval Kneil was born.

                            As a typical Australian kid my saftey gear was shorts, a T-shirt and a pair of gym boots. To increase my safety, as this was a big jump we were planning, we made saftey gear for me to wear.
                            My arm and leg guards were carefully crafted from an old beer carton, some pants elastic and coloured with textas.
                            My helmet, the most vital part of this death defying stunt, was an old square icecream container stolen from one of mum's cupboards. The front carefully cut so as not to obstruct my vision when pushed over my head, coloured in your colours with "Evel Kneil" written in black texta across the front. This too was held safely in place with a piece of pants elastic.

                            We had chosen a steel framed, rusty, down hill, gravity powered "billy cart" with modified wheels (i had stolen off dad's lawn mower), We secured a tow rope to get the vehicle to gain enough momentum to fly to dizzying heights. The other end of the rope was held in Gary's hand and powered by Gary's legs.

                            To launch me to my destiny and the stars we built a wooden jump, made from the finest Australian hardwood and building products, two planks of Jarrah and two bricks.
                            We did a number of practise run ups to the jump but due to the danger involved we did not wish to attempt it without an audience as this may be my final stunt....

                            The driveway the venue.
                            The lighting a 60 watt house hold globe.
                            The crowd was the family and they were rowdy.

                            The vehicle was parked in the runup area, the crowd assembled. Time to make my appearence. I steped in to the arena in my saftey gear and the crowd went wild, all five of them.
                            I checked the jump and the tow rope, took a big breath and slipped into the vehicle.
                            I was ready.

                            Gary took up the slack on the rope as my heart tightened, we were off.

                            The runup is still a bit of a blur, but the moment i was in the air i was a hero, i was you, i was a stunt man. I had the whole attention of the crowd, they were silent...

                            I landed my three inch jump with a jarr that only solid rubber wheels can provide and for a moment i felt pain. The crowd roared. The pain disolved. I lept out of the car and into the arms of my biggest fan, my mum. She was so proud of me.

                            Thank you.

                            You see if it weren't for the fact that you were risking your life doing what you did and providing me with a hero, i would not have this memory.
                            It is one of my most treasured childhood memories, in my eight years old mind i was you. I too could be a hero like Eval Knieval. I too could be loved and adored by all...

                            Thank you


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                              A motorcycle legend....RIP Evel.