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Postie Rob Down ... but OK

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  • Postie Rob Down ... but OK

    Sorry for the late post, but I haven't been near a PC since yesterday.

    I was way out of my home zone yesterday, exiting the freeway at Whitfords Ave (Northbound), when I noticed a bit of a commotion. Got closer, and saw a blue 250 parked the wrong way against a lamp post, a rider sitting on the curb with his head down and a couple of people in attendance. Uh Oh, I thought, so I stopped to see if there was anything I could do. Pffft, fat chance, there was a trauma nurse (with all her kit open next to him), a couple of country volly fire people and others. The only thing I could do was turn off his ignition and give the bike a bit of a check.

    Turns out the dude's name is Rob, he's a Postie (first day yesterday!), and got into a bit of trouble when he found himself barrelling into a suddenly slowing bunch of cars with a bit too much speed on at the exit. Looks like he lost the front, dropped it of course, and slid up the off-ramp for about 50 metres. He's lost a bit of bark from his hands and knees, but appeared to be OK. He's bike had a broken clutch cable and a bent gear changer, but otherwise looked ridable. I tried to ring MTS (Sabre) but his phone is cut-off, so I have NFI what the go is, so I asked one of the helpers to call a tow driver they knew to assist.

    Lucky he was wearing decent gear, or else he could have been a bit more messed up.

    It's never good to see a rider down, but any stack you walk away from is a good one.
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    God bless safety gear. Hope he heals fast...
    Dual sport riders do it in the dirt


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      Glad to see so many were there to lend a hand and Rob will be coming out of it ok. Always lessons to learn, eh.


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        glad he's relatively OK.

        an FYI for everyone - ANY towing company with flat bed trucks can tow a bike. You just tell em you need a flat bed cause its for a bike and to make sure they have a few appropriate tie downs. If you have a preferred tower sure use them, otherwise RAC is always good.