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    Hi All

    Some of you will probably know as it was posted earlier that I had an off today. I was riding along Joondalup drive and got hit by a car that was pulling into a side street. I asked earlier that the post be taken down as at that stage I had only told 1 person and not even my family knew about it.

    It all happened very fast. I am sore and bruised but other than that ok.

    Poor Justin (Envee 2) witnessed it all.

    Bumble bee should be ok, don't think it is too much damage but I was in shock after accident so Justin took care of it all for me.

    Thanks to Justin and all the people that have wished me well

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    Wholly shit. Im so glad ur OK girl. Hope nothings broken...and the bike? bad?
    Originally posted by Red_is_Best
    hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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      we only met once...but glad you OK....saw the earlier post and then got real worried when it disappeared (thought that something bad was going down)!!

      sorry about the bike....glad you just bruised
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        Ah Nooooooo

        Hope the 2nd day bruises arn't too painful megs and the bumblebee is back on the road in short course .

        Heal Quick.


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          lol, nah glad you are ok
          just unfortunate, heal up and hope the bike is still shiny.
          This wouldnt have happened if you had the 250 still :p wouldn't have been going fast enough


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            That`s not good to hear....but the bike can be least you are only bruised and a bit in shock...
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              sorry to here that Megs
              heal well
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                Originally posted by KiM View Post
                lol, nah glad you are ok
                just unfortunate, heal up and hope the bike is still shiny.
                This wouldnt have happened if you had the 250 still :p wouldn't have been going fast enough
                This had nothing to do with speed or what type of bike I was on.

                Was only doing somewhere between 40 and 60km's at time off accident.


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                  Glad you're ok Megs. Hope you are back on the road soon

                  Well done Justin on helping out too.


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                    I am fine, nothing broken. They thought I may have had a fractured pelvis bone, but that is fine, just bruised.

                    Nothing broken


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                      Fucking Fuck Fuck if you need anything let me know, I will even put on a nurses uniform and be there in a flash. So sorry to have read this babe xxx


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                        Hey dudette, glad you are ok, rode past and saw the carnage, but figured everything was under control. Hope you get back on the bike soon!
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                          Shit megs... glad your in one peice.

                          Heal fast & get back out there
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                            Sorry 2 hear megs.


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                              Ouch! .. Heal fast!