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R Class - WOW! I'm a Big Girl Now!!

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  • R Class - WOW! I'm a Big Girl Now!!

    /huggies jingle

    Yes, you heard it right folks, I'm finally off the L's!

    Did my test at Welshpuddle, got a bit of a light shower towards the end there but had to really expect that - I've only been waiting for this day for 9 months or so AND it's the only day in the whole of this week that's gonna rain - typical! *rolls eyes*

    Big spanks to everyone that shadowed me over the year, super big thanks to Stoneville, ur the bestest

    Thanks to HIHO for all the super instructions

    Now to reclaim the stallion and hand over the cage to the boy...

    See you in the Spotted thread folks

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    Congrats girl
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    I'm a flirtalicious


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        Congrats... but you're not riding tonight? You make no sense.
        In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that seperate us. Dont let your eyes deceive you.
        Its the little things that make the difference
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        If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.


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          well done!!! now get off the computer and get out riding!!
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          Good riders don't need insurance though, they can evade any situation



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            awesome news Joneen, well done.
            take the bike back, make it yours again....
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              Awesome work. Now go for a ride!


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                congrats Jo. seeya at the n00b rides!
                Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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                  Congrats Jo, well done


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                      noooo!!!!!! too late to make it a yamasaki R7....... oh well, it will happen in the near future...... without you even noticing

                      Congrats Joneen. Great news, and make that boy get his own two wheel toy.
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                        WOOOHOOOO Congratulations Jo!

                        Go ahead and play the blues if it'll make you happy.

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                          Bout bloody time is all I can say

                          Oh alright, CONGRATULATIONS

                          I think the man has gotten used to Kwakas :o he may even be seen on a black one soon

                          So you're not coming out tonight??? Oh well next Tuesday, Ladies night; you can come to the meet point with ellE all on your own


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                            congrats Jo enjoy your reclaimed freedom
                            A site all parents should check regulary



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                              yeehah!!! well done girl!!!