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Car\Bike altercation - Hodges St Jonndalup

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  • Car\Bike altercation - Hodges St Jonndalup

    Frascat just rang me before said there's been a nasty prang involving a bike on Hodges st.

    Apparently two Ambulances were in attendance when he went past, and that the entire front half of the bike (Blue Suzuki, he thought) had been taken off. As in, everything forward of the motor.

    Hope it's no one on here, as I know there are a lot of NOR riders out there.

    Has anyone heard anything?
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    I was heading down Hodges after leaving the FNR and saw the road was blocked off with a decent length detour but couldnt see anything else


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      oh fuck Not good news.

      Wishing all the best for all involved
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        That amount of blockage it can only be a fatal.


        I'm the noob you all pwn!


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          just got detoured around it.

          looks pretty nasty, silver car and a black bike i think (was too dark)

          police, ambos etc.

          not good at all

          hope there ok
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            Just heard. RIP 37 year old male " a car collided with his motorcycle - female driver unhurt".

            Oh man IM fucking over this SHIT!!!!!!! Argrrrggggrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg....

            If they are not seeing us, WE NEED TO SEE THEM!!! Your life depends on it. Make sure you look at the side streets and intersections and be ready for them to try and kill you.
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              r.i.p rider

              take care out there people, watch that front wheel of the car at the intersection as you go thru,

              im starting to make sure there is a car going thru with me on any intersection i cross and use them to shield me.

              might as well use them as an advantage.

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                RIP Rider
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                  RIP fellow rider.
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                      Rest in piece rider
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                        Heard this on radio this morning.....

                        Ride on in peace.......condolences to family friends and loved ones

                        never good to safe, ride safe everyone


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                          What a senseless waste of life

                          RIP rider
                          condolances to family & friends...

                          stay alert out there people
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                            So sad to hear....RIP
                            Originally posted by Viper
                            I'm probably fucking something up.
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                              So sad to hear

                              And I realise how easy this could have happened having crashed with commodore myself on Monday in Joondalup.

                              RIP rider