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48hrs for 107 over limit...

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  • 48hrs for 107 over limit...

    At least this twat is off the road for 2 days... BUT he will be back!

    Car impounded after hoon arrest :
    Car impounded after hoon arrest

    21st December 2007, 9:00 WST

    A driver of a Holden Commodore has been caught speeding 107km/h over the speed limit.
    Police caught the 22-year-old man from Forrestfield when conducting speed detection checks around 2pm yesterday on Tonkin Highway near Champion Drive.
    The red Commodore was travelling at 207km/h in the 100km/h speed zone.
    Police pursued the driver in an unmarked car and managed to stop him further down the highway.
    The vehicle was seized and impounded for 48 hours. The man will be summonsed with one count of reckless driving.
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    meh, tonkin hwy, im sure there are a lot of people on here that have done the same
    If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?


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      What an assclown, crush his car, perferably with him in it.


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        yeh el skitzo, lets just start destroying peoples property when they do something wrong. noise polution at a party = bulldoze the house. not wearing a seat belt = crush the car, using a boat over 5knots on the river=crash the boat
        or perhaps you are just fishing?
        i say let the courts deal with this properly using penalty units appropriate to the offence, not this bullshit police empowered system they are slowly introducing atm were the police have the power over private property without due court process.
        remember police states are not created over night, it takes time, public apathy and media support
        sorry to go off topic


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          Originally posted by El Skitzo View Post
          What an assclown, crush his car, perferably with him in it.
          This place would be quiet pretty quickly if the death penalty was imposed for 100 over!

          Headlines like "The Perth 13 crushed today along with their high powered motorcycles in Dorringtons new kill all speeders campaign"

          Do you really believe he deserves what could be a $50k fine and / or death for what he has done ?

          I hear gang rape of a juvenile doesn't get you much of a penalty at all!



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            Well, I cannot support the action the police have taken completely.

            Said driver should have some sort of punishment put against him however I feel the severity of the crime is not high. It is very easy with a little guts, and testosterone, to go above and beyond 200 on a highway in most modern vehicles. If he had been doing it in a 60 Zone then yes he would be a dickhead as the dangers are SO MUCH MORE. Highways however you do not have the dangers of side streets and houses close by and yesterday the weather was clear and he would have had great visibility.

            On a 60 Km road if he was travelling at 160 Km/h he would be travelling at %160 above the local speed. On the highway speed of 100Km/h travelling at 200Km/h you are only %100 greater than the traffic.

            But I digress, he is a HOOOOON which is much worse than murderers, rapists, child molesters, wife beaters and drunk drivers.


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              im sure plenty of people on this forum have done exactly the same thing.


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                Originally posted by DaveR6 View Post
                im sure plenty of people on this forum have done exactly the same thing.
                I'm not sure I take your point. Are you saying that makes it ok, or does it mean we're barred from expressing an opinion?


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                  no doesnt make it ok and doesnt stop you or anyone else from expressing an opinion.

                  just sounds like the pot calling the kettle black a little. the tone from some people comes across to me as this bloke is a complete moron and shouldnt be let back on the roads....yet at the same time seem to accept that is ok for a motorcyclist to speed and theres such outrage when someone on here gets done for speeding.


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                    I think its because the general consensus is that a bike crashing is far less likely to kill/injure anyone but the rider. Whereas a crashing car at the same speed will do a shitload more damage to people & property. Which I have to agree with to an extent.
                    Remember tho, cars & bikes have different requirements, and operate differently under the same conditions. A speeding bike can stop a hell of a lot quicker than a car at the same speed. Bikes are much more nimble, and can change lanes/get out of tight spots much quicker & easier. If we start wishing for equality on the roads, there go our lanesplitting privelages.
                    May be pot to kettle, but I believe a bike at say 150 on a freeway in favourable conditions is less dangerous than a cage doing the same.


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                      A bike cant stop as fast as a well equipped car from 150-200
                      If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?


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                        Tonkin highway is dead lonley and straight on nights that i travel home from my girlfriends.. 200km/h.. sure give him a fine, but impounding.. years of license loss is just spastic for something that really isnt all that dangerous.. yes in a 60 zone doing 160 is stupid.. but its all time and place.


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                          Originally posted by semi View Post
                          A bike cant stop as fast as a well equipped car from 150-200
                          GPX250 vs a F1 car? u might be onto something there...


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                            Correct, mabey they should have 'PERCENTAGE' over the limit for the fines based system as 20Km/h over in a 'school zone' is far worse than 20Km/h over in a 110Km/h zone. Mabey that should be an issue raised with the ORS and POPO as it makes far more sense.

                            Oh and cars can stop quicker than bikes when the speed is greater etc etc etc


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                              That stretch of Tonkin Hwy is very wide, very straight and very clear. Yeah he's a clown but pot kettle black etc...

                              Im sure more speed cameras and lowering the speed limit would have prevented this.
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