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Stabbing at the Perth train station.

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  • Stabbing at the Perth train station.

    32 yo person got stabbed and died at the Wellington bus station yesterday at 10PM, apparently by a young 17yo looking bloke :| I never liked public transport...
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    Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth!!
    Turning the taps off when you brush your teeth, can save up to 5 liters a minute!

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    32 people?


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        Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth!!
        Turning the taps off when you brush your teeth, can save up to 5 liters a minute!


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          It's the train station - it's not unlikely the 17 year old had to stab 32 people in self-defense.

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            i'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find 32 people around the train station that deserve to be stabbed just on general principle.
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              Do you think they would stay still, whilst they were all systematically stabbed ?


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                Man stabbed to death at city bus station :

                Man stabbed to death at city bus station
                28th December 2007, 6:45 WST

                A man has died after being stabbed in the neck at Wellington Street bus station late last night.

                Emergency services were alerted to the incident around 10.30pm but the 32-year-old man had died before St Johns Ambulance paramedics arrived at the scene.

                Police are questioning a 22-year-old man over an alleged altercation between the pair at the bus station, police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said.

                “It is alleged that the 22-year-old has produced a knife and the 32-year-old has received a stab wound in the neck region,” she said.

                The man died at the scene.

                BELLE TAYLOR and AAP


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                  yeah i saw all the cops there thismorning there was a shit loads eh


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                    i reckon they should go with the ticket turnstiles like the UK, tickets need ID to purchase and cameras monitor the entrances and exits.

                    you can't have punks going around stabbing people in a public train station.
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                      no shit ... WTF is up with this shit? There better be a good reason for it other than give me your fkn wallet.

                      This is why I support capital punishment and believe we should bring it back! If this guy was stabbed for his wallet or some simple shit like this then needle the fucka. Make people think twice about killing people.


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                        This is why I support not having a left wing shit dribbler like Jim McGinty in charge of the justice system. Putting more effort and work into his personal love-children the Prostitution Control Bill and the Human Rights Bill than law and order and justice.

                        PS the 22yo has now been charged. He was detained at the scene by Transit Guards apparently.


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                          How about we just have a busport with proper security
                          You put the c*nt in country run


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                            It's awful going through suburbs and seeing a bus followed by a security car. The Govt want to get people using public transport?! You can get stabbed at the station or robbed or beaten and while you're at work your car gets done over etc.

                            I had two choices for transport - continue to drive and pay to park in the city or catch public transport.

                            I got a bike licence and brought a bike instead and park for free.

                            Atleast on the road I only have to worry about the dicks in their cars.

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                              Rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble
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