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  • [SMS] Alert!

    Help! Need a jump-start, in the city. Esplanade rd between William

    This message was delivered to you by the PSB SMS system. SMS "0448 PSB NOW" with your live info regarding accidents, traffic jams and locations of dangerous roads being made safer by the local constabulary.
    "No machine has a soul until a man shares his own with it."

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    If someone has his number Pm it to me as I can help him out
    10.81 BLADE

    I'm a flirtalicious


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      learn to pushstart your bike.


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        bloody hell, what an epic.
        and now i discover that half my message is missing (the bit with my number) so nobody could really help anyway...
        Nice to know that someone could, and would, thanks Bart.

        First off, I wasted the whole hill on William street down toward esplanade, by not having the FUCKING IGNITION switched on...

        After sending the above message, I managed to eventually bump start it along the esplanade, and sent the second message saying I was ok.
        Then the fucker stalled. Take my gear back off, knacker myself once more, but manage to start again.

        Dangerously low on fuel, so I head to United servo on James St Northbridge. I tried to get some charge into the battery on the way, but after filling up, the battery was just as dead as before. Looks like something in my charging system is cactus, probably the reg/rect.

        After exhausting myself near to death in the servo carpark, I gave up on the bump-starting.
        I bought jumper leads (cos nobody ever has any), and then found out that everyone who stops at that servo is too worried about their cars' computers to risk jump-starting me, especially Taxi-drivers. Called the RAC at midnight and the girl said she'd send a guy out even though my bike isn't registered for roadside assist.

        An hour later, a guy who seemed to live across the road brought his bike over, an old Yamaha 750 cruiser, and we managed to get mine started, just as the RAC van rocked up...

        Rode home peering thru my tinted visor, eventually found that amid my bump-starting exertions, I've lost the little case my earplugs go in. Just tops everything off nicely.

        Well it felt good to write it all down, but I guess it's a bit insignificant really.
        Nothing compared to a crash or something.
        Oh well, might as well hit 'submit' anyway...
        "No machine has a soul until a man shares his own with it."


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          What's submit done to you? There's no need to hit them!

          And yes, welcome to the world of pain that is Honda electrics. And the worst thing is they still haven't gotten them fixed.
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            No worries mate. Checked through all your old for sale posts for ya number but couldnt find it.
            10.81 BLADE

            I'm a flirtalicious