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  • Hornet down!

    But not out!

    Important bit; the bike. It is fucked. Fixable, but not ridable right now.

    I'm not bad, hospital shortly. A mate is gonna drive me. Typing one handed cos left hand's middle fingers are swollen and sore. Bark off left knee. My right boot, a $600 Sidi Corser, is fucked. Thanks God I had that.

    Need painkillerz!

    Rich, look after our section while I'm gone.

    So anyone reading this knows all is OK, putting all my posts below.

    Originally posted by Hornet View Post
    Just got back from Emergency. Left at 11:30. X-rays of chest, neck, back and hips cos of the speed I said I was doing. Muscles are really sore now. Left hand middle and index fingers and wrist is stiff. Left knee and right shin have bark off. My boot saved my right leg/foot I reckon, cos it wedged between the car and my poor baby. The impact has pushed the side of the radiator in! The fairing is fucked. The top part of the right fork where the dust seal sits is flat so I'm thinking the fork is forked. Engine casing at the end of the camshaft (I think) is smashed off. Can't believe my knee is OK. Muffler is FUBAR and the footpeg on the right Gilles rearset is bent back.

    That's all I can see right now. Or care to post.


    PS. Thanks for all the offers of help, sympathy and best wishes. Is unreal to see 5 pages in 5 hours. Sorry for hangin up on those that rang while I was getting x-rays or was chatting up nurses.
    Originally posted by Hornet View Post
    Right Sidi Corser is stuffed. Tore a hole in the leather just above and in front of the ankle. Has blue paint on it, so it def made contact with the car. Small hole in the shin of my Draggins where the boot stops. Considering my left knee, not a single mark on the draggins anywhere else. Jacket and gloves are fine.

    The helmet has no impact damage but really long scratches across the top heading towards the back. It looks like it's been swung across the ground lightly. A witness said I flipped over and the helmet grazed the ground as I spun in the air.

    Pics of bike later. Off to chill.
    Originally posted by Hornet View Post
    Just rang the witness (works in radiology) and he said I lifted my right leg just before impact. Still hit the car with it but almost certainly saved it being crushed.

    Go me!

    Also said I did 2 complete flips.
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    dude, what happened. needs the story behind it!

    glad ur ok, but farq!
    Hello, you've reached the psychiatric hotline. If you are obsessive/compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you have multiple personalities, press 2, 3, 4, and 5. If you are simply paranoid, just stay on the line - we know who you are.


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      Don't scare me like that

      If you need anything let me know


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        bugger mate..heal quick
        A site all parents should check regulary



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          If you need anything at all, just ask mate.
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            Shit man!!! not good to hear. was a cager involved??
            Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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              Let us know if you need anything. Make sure you are ok, OKAY???
              Why be difficult?
              Put some effort into it and be IMPOSSIBLE !


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                Now Hornet, were you perving??? You told me you didn't fall off when perving????

                Hope you heel fast and the beasty does not take much to fix.
                Glad you are in good spirits....
                I live in my own little world, but it's OK they know me here


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                  bugga. Heal fast mate.


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                    zomg! "the bike. It is fucked. Fixable, but not ridable right now." sounds like me. you've been watching me ride, haven't you. Ditto if need nething!


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                      shit mate... hope everything is ok...

                      make sure Damo wears a nice nurses outfit to take care of you hehehe


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                        Just spoke to him, and hope he doesn't mind me relaying the message.
                        On his way back to his house from the beach and a kid who has had his licence for 2 days pulled across in front of him without looking.
                        He's OK, maybe a bit of shock, his mate is coming to pick him up and take him to the hospital.


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                          DAMN! You need anything - just say the word. Look after yourself!
                          I'll now fret quietly until you get home to give the full story.
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                            Bad news dude! Glad your allright.

                            Sooo, gixxers fuct huh, new busa then?


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                              No good mate, sorry to hear bout the bike but glad to hear your OK.
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