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Track day videos 6/1/08 (Trakdayz event)

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  • Track day videos 6/1/08 (Trakdayz event)

    G'day all,

    I went up to Barbagallo on the weekend (6th jan) to test out the new HD handycam. Got some good footage. If you're interested you can check it out:

    Group/Level 4: [ame=]YouTube - Track day at Barbagallo 6 Jan 08 - Level 4[/ame]
    Group/Level 3: [ame=]YouTube - Track day at Barbagallo 6 Jan 08 - Level 3[/ame]
    Group/Level 2: [ame=]YouTube - Track day at Barbagallo 6 Jan 08 - Level 2[/ame]
    Group/Level 1: [ame=]YouTube - Track day at Barbagallo 6 Jan 08 - Level 1[/ame]

    It sux that you take decent hi res video then you crunch it down to put it on youtube and it looks crap but what can you do.....

    If you would like the DVD (it looks ten times better and not jerky like pootube) drop me an email at [email protected].

    Anyways I'd like to know what you all think, please bear in mind that this was my first crack at it, so i'd love to hear comments/criticisms/advice as well.



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    Mate, it's looks great, a job well done.


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      mighty fine work mate! music is good, what is it?
      tho my thoughts are that it could have been a bit quiter so I could hear the bikes better..
      but excellant stuff, thanks for sharing....


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        The music is Royalty free stuff that i purchased from Its from a 'Ready made' CD compilation. It Cost about $100US for 18 songs (some of them are crap) but its better than $$30US each song and much better than possibly getting done for copyright infringements if you overlay popular music (because I may sell this video on DVD if people are interestd).

        Thanks for your comments on the music too loud. I agree and will turn it down a bit in future. Thanks for your feedback


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          Okidoki i watched the group4 one so I'm gonna comment on that. mainly regarding camera work - ur editing is pretty cool.

          I would completely ditch the WIDE/LONG shots where all you can see is a corner and a few dots crawling around it. Probly looks a bit better on a big screen but there ya go.

          I'd also ditch the shots where the camera is still and pointed at a corner while bikes whizz by. especially for group 4 - its just a bunch of blurrs..

          Your panning shots following bikes/groups of bikes are great - but I'd try having the camera zoomed in - following the bike leading up to the corner, zooming out as it gets close to you and zooming in to follow it out . Hard to do smoothly but much more effective than a constant zoom.

          Keep up the good work!


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            Thanks Davey, I appreciate your comments! Thanks

            The Wide shot looks pretty cool in DVD quality but yeh looks crap on pootube.

            as for the panning and zooming, I've just ordered a new youbeaut tripod from the US that has all the camera controls on the tripod handle so that should make for easier zooming whilest panning can't wait to get it and test it out

            Thanks again mate


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              oo sounds fancy. yeh the tripod you have seemd sticky as well - a nice tripod will pan smoothly and make things better also.

              Wish I could afford all the gear, love makin vids.


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                Looks ok, hard to tell with YouTube resolution.
                Cheers & thanks for posting.


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                  I'm ordering the DVD and will post my findings after viewing.
                  I'm sure it will be great on a decent screen.
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                    Seriously impressive with what you have to work with. I can really understand how much time and effort that took. You might have to come and do some work for me :->

                    Edit - Well actually you find someone to work for who can afford to pay better than me, LOL.
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                      Thanks for your comments I appreciate it!