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Anyone know the guy who died???

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  • Anyone know the guy who died???

    Does anyone know who the guy was that came off his bike and then hit by a car last night in Canning Vale???
    ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...

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    Nup, but i heard the person who went to help got hit by a car aswell!!!! how fucked is that?????


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      THey both got hit dude....

      THe rider crashed his bike and crawled to the side of the road, another person went to help him and they both got cleaned up by the car. The rider died and the other guy is seriously injured :cry: Not Good!
      Thats what the new said anywayz......

      I heard on the radio that another rider got taken down by a car aswell in malaga today i think? Or a bike rider crashed there...damn short term memory loss!

      It seems like there is alot of ppl going down lately, tis not too good.*Dman looks up at the gods hoping he's not the next sacrifical 250 rider to be taken down*


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        Im pretty sure it was in forrestfeild? rural side


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          I heard 3 different stories on the radio today. Only one station mentioned Nichloson Rd in Canning Vale. Maybe the guy(s) were from Forrestfield?!?!? :?:
          ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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            Hey guys,
            Twas a 31 year old from Mandurah, and the area is called Forrestdale and is between Armadale and Oakford. Was coming back from restaurant last night and saw the guy calling the ambulance........that was before they got hit by car.
            The story last night was that he went to overtake this guy and didn't see an island in middle of road, poor visability. Unconfirmed but that was the story explained to me anyhow. All that money STOLEN from motorists by speed infringements you'd think they might spend some on more lights, as I've heard of so many crashes and know of so many black spots that just aren't illuminated enough have to wonder where the priorities lie.
            One lesson to be taken from this is that if your not familiar with the roads your riding on then adjust your speed and concentration accordingly. (coming from one of the worst offenders).


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              my sympathies to the family. interesting thought will they record this a motorcycle fatality or a pedestrian fatality.


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                good and fair comment from both Slim and Pete_026

                Never good to hear of a biker crashing..

                Talking of which I hope the sad fuck form Carramar that killed the little girl in Clarkson while driving drunk and unlicenced gets sent down for a long time and gets battered shittless everyday for the rest of his trivial life....

                Sorry bout the rage but drink driving shits me


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                  Pete, I though they counted all pedestrial, cycles anything that happens near a road.. a road fatality [shrug]
                  mmmmm sacrilicious


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                    yeah they all are but they do statistics on number of drivers, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists and by age and so on. i guess if they record a high amount of motorcyclist killed or any of the other groups then usual they will target that group with heavier policing to save our lifes.


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                      Yeah ignorant dolts.

                      It's obvious most motorbike injuries and fatalities are caused by other vehicles, and if a motorcylist kills himself doing something he wants to do, why should you stop him?

                      They need to target the everyday, run-of-the-mill, ignorant mother fuckers that cant check a blind spot to save their lives (or anyone elses!). If we spent a couple hundred thousand extra on traffic a year in licensing places we could have annual(even 5 year) driving tests to single out the people who just shouldn't be on the road.

                      Most people who mean to be "reckless" are in a lot less danger than some moronic snappas who have 5 car accidents in the space of a year. No wonder road rage is all too common, if people weren't such self-centred narrow minded fucks, they wouldn't get their faces bashed in for nearly killing someones family.

                      I'm just a cynical road-rage-aholic
                      mmmmm sacrilicious


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                        totally agree if the money was spent before hand on driver education and skills. including testing and assesing mental and pysicle fitness to operate a vehicle. not to mention the differnce it would make if they improved the roads.

                        arrrrrrrrrrr fuckit bring back the fuckhead punch justice. probably work better.


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                          just so yas all know now... if i die i want every last motherfucking 1 of yas on ya bikes and leading the hearse to the cemetary... ok?

                          I'm the noob you all pwn!


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                            You wont die Firestorm. You had your chance already and you fucked it up.

                            So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                              HEH HEH, I agree with FireStorm, same goes for me!
                              Yep agree with Deej on that... you're here to stay Firestorm

                              Why don't they bring in a two license system for cars just like we have for bikes??? This would surely alleviate many road incidents, as you wouldn't have first time inexperienced drivers getting straight into V8's or Turbo's, VTEC's, Supercharged, etc.
                              It would obviously be a bit more difficult, but I think well worth it, hopefully resulting in better motorists!
                              It just pisses me off to see all these young dicks flying round in hotted up supras, skylines, wrx's, V8's, when they can't control the damn thing properly and risk others lives, esp bikers!! (although V8 drivers don't tend to be as bad for some reason)...