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  • So did the fireblade get away? Cockburn Central

    11am 6/8/09 - I pulled up at the lights in my cage (see pic below) with a highway patrol car behind when a fireblade split past and was between me and the car in right turn lane. I thought this was asking for trouble. I split lanes all the time but not past coppers, just not worth the trouble.

    As he took off fast (he's flirting with trouble now) I noticed his number plate was red on white and looked dodgy, didn't look real to me. It said SOLD and was held on with wire and was poorly obscured with rego label. At this stage the rider looked back see if the copper was after him?

    Copper needed no further invitation and past me and gave chase, biker was watching mirrors and took off past shops and split traffic towards front of the queue when the lights turned green. Copper had lights and siren going and traffic moved out of the way quickly so wasn't far behind. I lost them after that so don't know what happened.

    Does anyone know if the rider got away? Love to know what happened if he didn't.
    Cockburn Central WA - Google Maps
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    Was me mate, pigs had no chance.

    Wait, why am i saying this on a public forum to everyone?

    Oh wai..
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      haha u wish yaga


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          its a honda ... no chance


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            It wouldn't be sporting of the police if they didn't let him pull over for ATLEAST one stator replacement mid chase.


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              I made it, fyi


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                Originally posted by Bendito View Post
                I made it, fyi
                dressed like this i hope

                suits your bike
                :aus-salute: Yer thats ULTIMATE :aus-salute:

                Originally Posted by lobes89 View Post
                Yea I like the bike but it's hard to get my foot under the brake lever