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  • Rider Down

    Black triumph sprint bike lying on floor on odin road innaloo outside bunnings coppers there and rider seemed alright from what i could see giong past....not sure though

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    Dam, hope his ok(and the bike aswell)
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      Hope the rider is ok.. Just round the corners from my place, heaps of cage prangs there all the time..


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        Went past there about 5:40. No ambo around and no rider that I could see, unless it was one of the guys standing there trying to move the bike.
        Bike looked OK. Left mirror was folded in and scuffed. Maybe went down on the left side.

        That's one of the worst little intersections for cars pulling out the wrong way, trying to cross in front of traffic, not obeying the signs, merging incorrectly and just generally fucking up every rule you can. If I was a cop I could make a week's worth of bookings in half a day there.
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          Hope you guys are right that the rider was OK. Here's hopeing!