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Rider Down Kenwick - on PSB??

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  • Rider Down Kenwick - on PSB??

    Yesterday near Royal Street in Kenwick. My dad witnessed an accident yesterday involving a "red sports bike" and an old man in a ute swiftly reversing from a driveway in front of him causing the bike to clip the back of the tray of the ute. Dad pulled over to help (as it happened right infront of him), guy possibly broken arm. Wondering if you are o.k.?? And if you are on here??

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    Yeah I arrived just after that , I was delivering mail past and offered to help move the bike ( was pretty banged up ) and would also like to know what happened to him.


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      Did you see a tall old-ish bald guy there with a ute? That would be my dad. He was pretty freaked about it all.. I tried asking him what bike it was, he said it was red with a bit of black on it and possibly single headlight, he was positive it wasnt a 250 (I thought maybe new Hyo) so it could be a gsxr??? Who knows..


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        Yeah I saw what I think is your dad and another guy who looked asian moving the bike which I'm pretty sure was a ZX7


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          Aaahhh bum.. Well hope he is ok. Apparently the guy who backed out infront of him called an ambo, so he should be kay..