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  • 2 Riders Down

    My mate and I were going for a ride up the coast and then down the freeway. We were sitting at Whitfords Av and Marmion lights (shopping centre side) and there were 2 riders on the other side of the rode going towards the beach sitting at there lights.

    all of a sudden a car that was slowing down behind them bumped them both off there bikes. one guy managed to keep his balance but dropped his bike, the other guy unluckily had the bike fall on him.

    Lights went green and we had to go but the female driving the car that knocked them hadn't even got out of her or done anything to help.

    curios to see if either riders are on PSB and hopefully they are ok.
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    hope this was followed by a good old beat down of the dumb arsed bitch.

    seriously, some people dont deserve the right to drive.
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      my mate and i were so surprised, i think the chick maybe stalled and bunny hopped into the back of them
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        WTF is wrong with some people. Accidents happen, fair enough, but not stopping is just plain ludicrous.

        Hopefully nothing too serious, and that both riders are ok.


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          Nobody said she took off, just didn't get out of the car.
          Probably shock.


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            Sounds like a serious accident.

            Good job stopping to see if they were okay .

            <more pack mentality stuff>


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              Pitchforks and Torches at the ready!!!!

              (Hope the guys are OK)
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                That was me and my mate, the car was stopped, then the light for turning lane changed (we were all in the middle continuinglane) and she went forward failing to see we weren't moving. I tried to save the bike and went down trying lol.

                My bike just had scratching to fairing, mirror, brake levers, oh and at the base of the exhaust on the can where the angle weld bit that connects the pipe to the can, some how snaped. Mates bike just has a bent lever n scratches.

                It still amazes me how some people get their license.

                On a better note, the mad ride and bike show were awesome!


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                  damn. hopefully no serious injurys and you managed to collect some insurance details
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                    are you are going to make pay for repairs? good to see your are not to sore


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                      Yeah were fine no injuries, we just got her license details gonna call up later and get all the insurance ones. Also went down to the police station to do a report, woulda been funny if they yellowed me for the fender eliminator. Gonna get her to pay up (hopefully)


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                        Good resolve mate lucky evertying turned out the best in this situation good luck with your claim although u won't need it
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                          Great to hear you both OK.
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                            Ok so they up the restrictions on getting your motorcycle licence, but they dont do it for cars?

                            Prime example of why they should lol

                            Good to hear you two are alright, unlucky on the damaged bikes though!


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                              You guys got to go home tonight and thats a good thing. Bikes can be repaired and stupid drivers can be monkey stomped

                              Glad you's 2 are ok.