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  • Stolen Truck

    Last night a mate of mine had his truck stolen . Just though that if anyone in the PSB community could keep an eye out for a truck with Forbes Moves on the side. It's a large blue sign on the side it looks like a hawk in a blue circle
    The Rego number is 1cwp818

    Any help would be awesome as it's his lively hood

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    mate, what kind of truck is it?
    like a mac truck or one of those flat nose volvo ones or is it a small truck?
    what is the main colour of the truck?
    what area was it stolen from?

    more info = better chance
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      The Truck was found this arvo . The ass wipe dumped it at cannington


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        No damage, I hope?
        Originally posted by Dragunov-21
        If you want me to answer a question, I want you to ask one that doesn't put words in my mouth that were never there.


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          Just some stuff missing . His biggest cornern was that the truck was on it's way east . But It's safe at home now I think he's still hugging and kissing it at the moment. Very glad to get it back


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            Originally posted by Steady Steady View Post
            Very glad to get it back
            Verry lucky to get it back not torched!