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Stolen: Green '03 ZX6RR

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  • Stolen: Green '03 ZX6RR

    Got home at about 11pm tonight to find my green 2003 model ZX6RR is gone. Luckily the key was still in the house, as was all my gear so it'll take them a bit of effort to get it started.

    Stolen from my house in Shenton Park sometime tonight between about 7 and 9:30. (possibly a little earlier)

    Details of the bike:

    2003 ZX6RR (note the RRness as opposed to the single R)
    Colour: Green
    Rego: 1BF246
    Defining features/mods: Akrapovic carbon muffler, fender eliminator with small LED indicators, woodcraft clipons, WP steering damper, big gold rear sprocket, black hugger, oggie knobs, black engine covers (badly painted, still normal colour in some spots).

    The brake light doesn't work properly (always on brake mode) and the indicators are a bit tempermental. One of the most obvious defining features of the RR over the single R is that it has an adjustable swingarm pivot which looks like:

    Photos of the actual bike:

    If anyone sees it or hears anything please let me know. I've only ever seen one other RR on the road so they're not exactly common.


    Also this pic vvvvvv. It's me right now.
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    Feels good man.

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    Oh shit mate, sorry to hear


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      bad luck dude. will keep an eye out.
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        I will be sure to keep an eye out, hope it was insured
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          DANG! OOI- The first pic, does it have drop bars fitted? am I trippin? or a pic of another bike, not yours?
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            That totally sucks - hope you get her back soon in mint condition. Great description there so hopefully one of us will spot her soon.


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              Originally posted by malenko View Post
              I will be sure to keep an eye out, hope it was insured
              Yeah it's insured for 3rd party fire and theft so I'm covered. Still raging.

              Originally posted by Pato View Post
              DANG! OOI- The first pic, does it have drop bars fitted? am I trippin? or a pic of another bike, not yours?
              First pic is just off google. Not my actual bike.
              Feels good man.


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                Sorry to hear mate for what little it's worth I'll be looking out for it
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                  Sorry to hear, hope you get the bike back and give them the HHH.
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                    Sorry to hear esquire that sucks really bad man.

                    Hope you get it back soon, and not have to put up with the headache of insurance companys.

                    Btw, im in if you decide to track down teh bastards before the cops get to 'em.


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                      Fuck... Will look for it. As well as ebay.


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                        sucks to hear mate..will definitely keep my eyes peeled for this one..we live in about the same area so let me know if you need any help etc hey..


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                        Talked to some chick today at the village that rides a GPX 250. Wasn't very friendly though, must have crabs.


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                          FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! Sorry to hear

                          Eyes peeled. If I see/hear anything you'll be first to know. Also check any abandoned houses down the road (Duke had his bike stolen and it was found a few houses down in a kitchen).
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                            Shitty news. Will be easy enough to recognise if I see it.


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                              Hopefully we find it and can arrange a PSB group beating.

                              EDIT: On a positive note your visor should be in by the end of the week.
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