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jamathi down and out.

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  • jamathi down and out.

    It had to come as after 33 years+ of being free from illness and accidents, your numbers start to get there
    Due to a silly mistake my RH leg and ankle have been crushed and need to be put back together with SS and Titanium bits.
    Yesterday was flown down back to Perth and I am now in St. John of God hospital where the waiting is for the swelling to go down enough to do the bunnings jobby.
    I would like to say to all, be aware and stay safe as a small mistake or inattention not of you
    can impact severely on your life.
    In my case the inability to ride my much treasured bikes nor being able to be active in a phisical sense.
    3 weeks pinned up in a Hospital bed is SHITTY.
    I can not say or be more specific about what happened as the investigation is well under way.

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    At least you got into a great hospital.

    Hope you heal fast dude.
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      Awful news, goodluck with the operations.


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        Woah! Bad news mate, hope you heal up alright and whatevers happening in the background works out too.

        Least ya got to meet the PSB girls right!


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          oh bugger, sorry to hear Bert.

          Are you up for visitors?
          Need anything?
          What room are you in?
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            Sorry to hear it Jamathi!

            I gather you were riding at the time?

            Sincerely hoping that your recovery is straightforward and as quick as humanly possible.
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              Fark mate, sorry to hear.

              Heal up quick.

              I can ride the RZ past the hospital every now and again if it will help.

              Just yell if we can be of assistance.


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                now be nice to the nurses
                Originally posted by Lefty
                Wouldn't be like me to upset the herd.


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                  shit news Bert! sorry to hear man! hope all goes well!


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                    That is aweful Bert

                    Glad you are ok ish

                    Get better soon *hugs*


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                      Shit Bert , send me your details and we'll come in and visit
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                        Shit news bert, all the best hope the recovery is quick and relatively painless.


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                          Maybe a visit from Laura would make things feel a little better.. Tim ?


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                            Oh damn!
                            Heal up quickly, give the nurses hell
                            Hope the investigation comes down in your favour.

                            Post up if you need anything done, PSB will make it happen.


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                              Good luck, I hope its a full, quick recovery mate.
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