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Help - bike not turning over. cottesloe

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  • Help - bike not turning over. cottesloe

    Hi all, need a bit of help was on the way to work when my gsxr 750 k7 gave up and died. Luckily this was when I just turned in. Problems are as follows:

    1. On the way in got cut off so horned but noticed the horn was weak with very little sound
    2. Just before it died my instruments failed - bike was still running and moving but rev meter was at 0 and the led speedo was frozen at 20km/h
    3. F1 light is now flashing and bike does not crank
    4. Oil looks full and there is no burning smell when cap removed to suggest lack of oil
    5. Is it a possible electric error? Lights are still coming on but maybe not enough power to crank?
    6. Bike has not been run much in the last 2 months and the last time I rode it was last week. Also should've idled it longer this morning but it still had a decent warmup. Bike is also due for a service.

    Any ideas? I'm stuck at work till 12 so can't really go out to it much too. My mob is 0423 051 242. Any help or suggestions is very much appreciated!

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    How olds the battery. Could be shot.
    Would explain a few points there.
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    Originally Posted by lobes89 View Post
    Yea I like the bike but it's hard to get my foot under the brake lever


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      Sounds like a dead battery and/or malfunctioning charging system. Do you have access to a battery charger at work? If so, I'd plug it in and let it charge while you can. If after a couple of hours it starts, continue to charge till quitting time then ride it home. Once there, you can figure out who's gonna fix it. If you don't have a charger available, I'd be looking for a ride.
      Hope this helps in some way. Good luck.


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        Good point Jacko, 3 years now that I think about it. Will try and get my hands on another battery after work and see if that fixes it


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          Battery...if not run much as you say then a battery tender is the way to go. You may be lucky and find the battery is OK but they do not like being run shortens their life.
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            Thanks guys, battery makes sense, would've bought a drip charger if I knew I'd be off it for a while. Will bum a lift and go get the battery checked.

            Thanks for all your reaponses, this thread was a lifesaver!! Really appreciate it


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              To me it sounds like a Regulator Rectifier or the alt - maybe a stuffed stator.

              You may find it'll start ona new or re charged battery but die once the charge runs out.


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                check the battery contacts.

                may have corroded slightly. Give them a clean with a wire brush.
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                  I would not jump straight in and suggest any of the charging system is faulty...simple test is to fit the battery when charged ...if it will take one... run the motor and check across the battery terminals with a multimeter set to around 20 Vdc. You should get a reading of around 13.5 Vdc. Increase the rpms to around 5 thou and the voltage should rise to about 14.5 to 15.

                  Points to ponder...........

                  Battery boiled dry... regulator may be suspect.

                  Battery goes dead...short or fault with alternator or rectifier.

                  Good luck
                  Smoke me a kipper...I'll be home in time for breakfast


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                    I can come buy and have a look if your keen. Im on night shift for the next 2 weeks so can come by in the mornings.



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                      Update - took the battery home and got it charged at dads work. Battery was dead but the recharge was sufficient to get the bike home yest. Will do the above checks as suggested tonight. Hopefully just the battery as it prob didn't get a proper charge as the bike wasn't ridden much.

                      John will let you know after tonight, thanks.

                      Thanks all!