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WARNING: This is not a general discussion section. This section is reserved expressly for post started by those people in need of IMMEDIATE breakdown assistance. Please do not START a thread in here unless you need assistance. Any registered user may RESPOND to a thread started by the person who needs assistance, but no banter please, keep this strictly on topic so valid communications can be easily referenced.

This is not an accident or injury response section. If you have had an accident and are injured, please call 000 for assistance.

If you need breakdown assistance support from a PSB volunteer, please do as follows:

1) Ensure you and your bike are in a safe location to prevent exposure to damage and personal injury. If you are injured and need medical assistance, contact 000.
2) Create a new post in this section with the subject titled “Help Wanted – Suburb”.
3) In the body of the post please put as much detail as you are able including but not limited to:

(a) A good description of your actual location including street name, direction, nearest cross street, or any other information that you feel would be of assistance for someone trying to find you.
(b) Details on what the issue and the kind of assistance you need. EG: “Bike broken down, both bike and I require movement to Victoria Park”.
(c) Provide details of where you and/or bike need transport to.
(d) Provide your mobile telephone number if available.

If you don’t have a phone that has internet access to make the above post then contact someone who does have internet access and they can create a post for you.

If you are able, continue to monitor this thread for updates and responses.

What will happen now:

1) When you create a thread in this section an email is sent to all regsitered PSB volunteers automatically. It will also be monitored by those using the forum at the time.
2) They will visit this thread for details, and if able to respond will make a post accordingly.
3) If you have provided your mobile number, the respondent will likely make contact with you to let you know they are on their way and provide an ETA.

NOTE: This is not an accident response thread, meaning to say, if you have had an accident and you are injured, please contact 000 and ask for an Ambulance. This section is to respond to non life threatening or injury situations.

For the avoidance of doubt (and stupidity) do not post in this section if you are wanting help moving your bike somewhere were it does not relate to assistance required for an immediate breakdown need.

If you have a bike trailer or other facilities that could assist PSB Members who have broken down, and would like to register as a PSB Assist member, please email [email protected] from the email address you would like on the register so that you can be added.
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blazon broken down at high wycombe

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  • blazon broken down at high wycombe

    Hi posting on behalf of joe. Broken down in caltex cnr grogan and abernethy. His number is 0409086771. Hoping someone can help him. Cheers.

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    Cant help with a rescue but can with diagnosis what happened to the bike?


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      did he get sorted or not?? Would have helped if I had logged on this morning


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        Only just saw this... just called Joe he has someone on the way now. Wish I'd logged on earlier but been catching up on some much needed zzzs


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          Joe is sorted and bike is now home. Hope you get it fixed soon.
          Please don't ask questions you clearly know the fucking answer to, you smarmy prick.


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            Got the bike home with the help of Brute....thanks mate
            And thanks to those who contacted me with offers to help.

            Just need to get the bike fixed.

            Cbrjunkie the lights & fuel injection seem to work but it wont turnover.
            new battery maybe? not sure

            hope to get it sorted during the week.


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              Wont crank at all do you hear a clicking sound when trying to hit the start button?


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                Stupid question maybe but have you tried bump starting it?


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                  Originally posted by Cbr Junkie View Post
                  Wont crank at all do you hear a clicking sound when trying to hit the start button?
                  Press start button once, get 1 click noise, then injection reloads, then get a continous rapid clicking noise.

                  Tim, I tried bump start & also had someone joy.
                  Last edited by Blazon; 06-03-2011, 12:42 PM.


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                      Yea sounds like not enough charge in the battery try charging it and getting it load tested at any auto store, or try jump starting it with another battery of the same voltage! but if the battery is knackered remember to check the charging system or it may happen again!


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                        ok will do.....cheers

                        Its a 2008 model bike...probably with the original battery. Might just a buy a new one.


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                          oh...I should ask, hows the recovery going?


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                            Dunno, but I've always been able to start cars with completely flat batteries by bump or tow starting...

                            Kill switch??


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                              Car alternators put out a higher voltage at idle where the bikes tend to have a lower charge and can be very hard to start by bump starting on a flat battery!

                              @Blazon Getting there walking now just have to work on my strength as im piss weak now!