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  • Moving West....

    Hi guys in the throws of getting a move West organised. Just wondered where you guys ride as lookng at the maps there doesnt seem to be that many good roads...?

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    Yeah - you're right, roads here are crap to ride! Stay over east!... LOL!!!



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      Im just about to do a swap with you mate, heading over to singleton with rio. Looking at the maps i cant decide which ones to ride first! Yeah perth is pretty lean on good roads but if you keep an eye out for the rides in the loop section over a few months you will meet some great people and also find the few good roads we have to ride.
      Just do it. Seriously, if you look up the standing rules of PSB it goes something like this.

      1. Dont be a dick
      2. Desmo is allowed to be a dick (sometimes)
      3. Buy the one with the most Duke
      4. Dont ask about fixing the search function.
      etc etc..


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        Welcome to psb.
        Originally posted by deano68er
        Originally posted by Sudu
        Enough to make ya hard


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          Or do what I do, look at suburbs with squiggly lines an go for a blast thru there. Failing that a 4 week holiday in the snowys gets me bored of corners pretty quick.

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          Every one has a story.....


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            Welcomo dude. When you get here, don't drink the water.
            FEADCinc, PSB?