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  • Hello PSB

    Hi all, just joined tonight. Have already been looking on here at bikes etc as I don't own one yet.

    1st question. I have 6 mths to wait till 'big bike licence'. Should I get a 600/750/900 now and ride infrequently, or get a 250 and enjoy riding but have to sell in 6 mths.

    Thanks in advance

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    Wait or you'll be begging for shadows and/or get a pineapple (large and nasty infringement) for riding out of class. It'll also give you a chance to tune your skills before moving onto something that requires even more skills.

    Buy a second hand 2fiddy if you don't want to lose unnecessary $'s.

    When you're ready, go the R6 (600). Bestust bike eva, from a completely unbiased opionion

    Welcome to PSB


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      Thanks Diesal,

      I'm thinkin' a zzr-250 or similar. Got any other ideas?


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        G.P.X. Loads of them available second hand, very forgiving and cheap.

        Try this for more ides:


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          Thanks again, I'll be reading that as we speak...


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            Hi and welcome.

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              WELCOME to the nut house ......... good luck and have fun

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                Hi and welcome along, there are a few people that can shadow you in Bunbury (see shadow thread in the 250 section), so it depends on how much time you want to spend on the bike in the coming months, I would have though not much when winter finally gets here, esp. Bunbury

                If you get an R class bike and just go out when you have a shadow, you'll be ready to do some paid lessons as well as be able to get out with shadows.

                So it really comes down to how much you want to ride as opposed to how much money you want to pay out, remembering that it might take a while to resell the 250 you buy.

                How much time have you actually ridden?? That isn't necessarily a factor, but it is still wise to do learning time on a 250.


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                  Hi and welcome.
                  Originally posted by deano68er
                  Originally posted by Sudu
                  Enough to make ya hard


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                    Thanks all for the warm welcome.

                    In reply to Stoneville; I would love a Z750 like the blue one a guy is selling here on PSB and bikesales. TBH I haven't had many hours riding a 250 - grew up riding m/bikes on the family property and have ridden the in-laws Harley's (883 & 1450(?)) so I have a feel for bikes without saying I am positively comfortable with getting 'a knee down'

                    Actually I'm also looking at the 600 range (r6,gixxer 600, cbr, kwaka etc) but am not sure what style would be better for country riding (110km/h...) for long(ish) distances... I have a mate I used to work with who's a member of PSB here in Bunno, but am not sure his username. Anyway, he was saying that with fully-faired bikes, it's more comfortable at high speeds than naked etc. So, all in all, I am trying to consider these factors before testrides happen..


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                      Hi DWW from a fellow Bunburyite. Check out Southwest Riders - Perth Street Bikes for the PSB South West riders group. Plenty of variety of bikes owned by members with plenty of helpful advice to give.

                      In response to your OP, i would recommend buying a 250, riding it all you can over next 6 months for the invaluable experience then sell it at a minimum loss (will be warmer weather come October - good sales prospects) and that gives you a stack of time to review what 600 suits u best.
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                        Thanks ace, I am thinking of either a Ninja 250 or Hyo 250 - have ridden a Ninja and love it! have yet to ride a Hyo, which I think are a bigger bike... there's a few nice examples of both of these here on PSB... just gotta wait for our car to sell first


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                          acegalaxi PM'd