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Me and my bike

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  • Me and my bike

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Ben. I'm 31 and I've had my bike for a couple of years now but only got my licence a month ago! I bought it from my friend's dad who owned it from new so I knew I was getting a good deal. It's a 99 Honda CBR250RR with 26000km. Basically all original except the exhaust which a mate of mine got for me. I'm not sure I want to do too much to it, maybe just change the indicators for smaller ones and regular maintenance stuff to keep it looking good.

    Here's a pic:

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    Hi and welcome along

    Eeeek at the colour of that exhaust :O would have been better original, don't forget if you make the indicators smaller it will be harder for people to see!!

    Looks like a well looked after bike, should be a blast to ride around on


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      haha I know. I'm considering getting a CF shorty. The smaller indicators I would get are LED and should be brighter (I'm not getting el cheapo ebay ones which you can't see properly). It sure is a blast to ride.


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        Hi and welcome.

        Don't go shorty exhaust, go full size carbon..
        Originally posted by deano68er
        Originally posted by Sudu
        Enough to make ya hard


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          I dont think the exhaust is that bad, actually kinda like it (slight gold colour on the front brake rotor mounts sorta matches), but then again most people have seen the stock exhausts on my zed and wonder why i havent changed em. To me they just meh. Not fussed. next bike though, will get akra's almost immediately.

          Tis a tidy bike there Ben
          When the only tool you have is a hammer, every thing starts to look like a nail


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            Thanks guys


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              Originally posted by Benzor View Post
              I've had my bike for a couple of years now but only got my licence a month ago!
              thats a fair wait!

              the bike looks in mint condition mate



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                welcome mate


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                  welcome man, nice to see another 250 able to join in for the ride days


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                    Hey mate great first bike! looks like a mint cbr 250 (i had a 92). if your looking at some parts for it try tyga performance. they have a good range of cbr parts. c you on the road