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  • New User here to say hi...

    Hi guys & Gals!

    My names Mitch, and I'm a professional wrestler. Making the move to Perth in a month, and looking to pick up a motorbike when I get up there. I used to have a honda '05 cbrr 250, but had to sell it. Im in the market for a Road Bike (doesnt matter what brand particularly, obviously with the move itll be a year or so before i can upgrade, im moreso looking for a good bike for transistional purposes). Ill be working in the mines once i get up there.

    If anyone knows of a good second hand dealer, or even a good private owner looking to sell (id be looking at something around the $6000 mark, just to get around in until i upgrade) can someone please point me in the right direction?

    Thanks alot guys, looking forward to being a part of this community!


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    Yer G-Day
    welcome here
    You after a two fiddy or a big bike
    (anarchy in english )


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      Probably wouldnt need much more than a 2fiddy, itll be transistional either way, that being said, ive already had the 250, i wouldnt mind something a bit bigger, im a large dude as it is...


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        hi mitch ......... welcome to PSB mate

        we have a for sale section if you haven't seen it yet ,and there are alot of good second hand bikes owned by psbers that are up for sale ...

        have fun and good luck in the move over

        WARNING : this old dog bites !!



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          hi mitch

          are you wrestling in the mines?


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            Very strange post??

            So you're giving up your profession, you gotten to old and broken?? Do you already have a job in the mines?? Lots of people looking for them.

            I take it you don't want a 250 if you've got $6k to spend, there are a few 600+ bikes for sale atm around the $4-5k mark, so you'll have money left over for gear if you didn't keep that. Shouldn't take you too long to save up the money for something better if you're working in the mines, but I guess you'll be wanting to plump up the bank balance after the move.

            Are you super sized i.e Andre the Giant or just a regular Jo Blow??? Guess we'll see soon enough, or you could post pics


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              Originally posted by Warship View Post
              My names Mitch, and I'm a professional wrestler.
              Professional as in Olympics etc, or "professional" as in WWF?


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                Originally posted by Stoneville View Post
                Guess we'll see soon enough, or you could post pics
                It's only cool for guy to say "post pics" to newbs...
                "Once upon a time we would obey in public, but in private we would be cynical; today, we announce cynicism, but in private we obey."


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                  hahahaha, Hi guys.

                  I am a professional wrestler, you can see me via facebook for photos, where i have several hundred posted, at feel free to add me as a friend too, this is my fanpage, where i update with videos and content from the shows i wrestle at.

                  I will continue to wrestle once up there, there is a company up there that is very very good, who run shows regularly. I will not be wrestling in the mines, i dont think LYCRA will go down to well with the people in the mines

                  I wrestle the WWE style of wrestling, but in Australia, its far more brutal than the stuff you see in on tv.

                  And yeah, my price range is anywhere from 3000 to 6000 for the bike, i just need something to get around while the girl is driving the car, and i dont want another car

                  Thanks guys for the info on where to find bikes for sale within the forum, as im new, im just looking to navigate through this stuff



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                    Oh hi.

                    You should buy this bike.
                    Originally posted by Ferris
                    I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

                    Figure shit out yourselves, retards.


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                      not really looking for that style, im looking for more of a cruiser.

                      Thanks for the thought though!


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                        This you?


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                          thats a VERY Old match of mine....

                          Not a favourite


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                            Hi and welcome.

                            Nice find desmo....
                            Originally posted by deano68er
                            Originally posted by Sudu
                            Enough to make ya hard


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                              not my greatest moment hahaha...

                              Youll find alot with me in it if you look at BPW on youtube. Thats my parent company, although RCW was a place I wrestled in heaps in 2010, and i loved that too. I've been doing it about four years.

                              Really im looking to get there, get back on track, get a bike again (last time i had one was in 2007) miss riding alot!

                              EPW perth will be where im looking to hang my hat when i get to perth, probably the best company in the country, so thats exciting.

                              Riding has always been a passion, but due to monetary issues, had to sell it at the time. Really looking forward to getting to perth, and riding again!