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  • Oh the Joy

    Sorry to hear about your bike
    Welcome to PSB though! Hopefully you have a better time here.
    Good luck with the rest of your build and I hope to goes a little smoother

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    Double post. Opps!
    Oh Great, not the whole "My reply becomes first post"
    Sorry bout that mate- it's happened a bit around the place....


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      Oh the Joy

      Wanted to post the fresh joys of rebuilding the wrecked R1 99 but finding it hard to crack a smile.
      Secured a replacement headlight assembly (after a long wait). At 3.58pm yesterday the young chap stated he would remove it from the bike, check it, plastic weld a crack and put aside for me. He had to leave for the pub so I quipped no worries but do I credit card it now. He replies "no need come tomorrow a.m and all good".
      Get there today 9.30am as agreed from Kalamunda and an unknown fortunate buyer had bought my "put side" headlight assembly.
      Deal was done at 4.30pm yesterday. My young friend had stuck around removed the headlight checked the work needed and than left for the pub (awsome). staff thinking I had come in early for pickup and doing the righty made the deal to a short on word *?!!t (not goin to swear.
      someone is all smiles, got home today pulled two arguable coil leads clear off great day