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  • New Girl :)

    Hi, I'm Jaimee-Louise. Lived in Perth for about 18 months, recently resigned from nursing and currently doing a chef's apprenticeship. Still on my L plates and actively looking for a shadow (preferrably female) if anyone is keen... I complete my riding test for my R-E license in April, so I'm really looking forward to getting into the riding community to meet new people with similar interests and go to places I haven't been before.

    My partner has a motorbike too, so we are hoping to get our licenses together and have some adventures together and make some memories.

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    Hi and welcome. Check out the learner newbie ride in the " in the loop" section and come along to a ride. There is also a list of shadows available in the "two fiddy & lams" section


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      Re: New Girl

      Welcome to psb
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      Even if I was interested in vagina I'd probably be looking for something a little bit stronger... I don't go for sissies


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        Welcome lets get on some rides!


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          Hi and welcome along

          Post up in a ride thread if you want to go along and wait and see if someone can pick you up on the way through We were just in your area last Tuesday night


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            Welcome along... I'm happy to shadow you and your partner for the ride on Thursday ... However I am a male
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              Yer G-Day
              (anarchy in english )


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                Hi, welcome.


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                  Welcome. Get onto one of Stoneville's rides. It's a good place to meet and greet others including members of the kitchen.


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                    Hi Jaimee & welcome to the PSB nuthouse!

                    I'm happy to do a bit of shadowing for you when I get back from the UK in 12 days! Drop me a PM.. Oh, and I'm female too

                    You only live once, but live right and once is enough......


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                      Welcome Jaimee
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                      Originally posted by Phildo
                      Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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                      i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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                        Happy Riding Jaimee

                        Remember not to take this place toooo serious now and good call dropping the line in about your man otherwise the fly would be a swarming .^_^

                        Ride safe now and enjoy cookie...chef