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  • Hello, All!

    Hi Everyone, Newbie to the forum. I have had a look around and I like the positive feedback on the site for/from the new and the experienced riders. I am currently booked in for late November for my RE license and have just recently purchased a Kawasaki Ninja 250R. I am looking forward to meeting a few of you and hopefully going for a ride or 2, learn what I can. Until then, Ride Safe.

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    Howdy TEZ79 -

    Welcome to the fold.

    Your membership cap & keychain is in the post already.

    Plenty of useful information, events and conversations here. You may also find plenty of useless stuff too, that's where you'll find my posts.

    Ride safe - welcome to life on 2 wheels.
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      Welcome along Tezza

      Once you feel confident enough to ride on the road you should try make it to one of the learner rides.

      Good luck with the test. Will see you out on a ride sometime


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        Hi and welcome along

        THere are a few shadows around your area, plus some of the ones from further south come past your burb, when you're ready post up in a ride thread and ask nicely for a shadow and get out and about now


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          Welcome TEZ79
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