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Hi there. New to the scene

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  • Hi there. New to the scene

    Hello all,

    I'm Sean, I'm originally from Newcastle in England, I moved to Australia 2 years ago. I'm actually living in Kalgoorlie but there isn't a bike forum for here, and I do get to Perth as often as possible so thought I'd sign up and check it out!

    I've only just started riding, been out on the bike about 6 times! Got my test in 2 weeks time.

    So yeah, hello, I look forward to maybe meeting some of you in future.


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    Hi and welcome along

    You need to hook up with a few of the Kal members and go for a ride !!


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      Thanks, Stoneville. I'll hunt down the Kal riders and sort that out.

      FAO: Kalgoorlie locals - Get in touch if you're going out for a ride!


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        Al'reet Pet... Welcome aboard!

        Another one of those 'Northern monkeys'!
        Newcastle to Kalgoorlie is a bit of a radical sea change, isnt it?

        Let us know how it all goes and next time you make it down to Perth.


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          Ello mate.

          Sorry about Kalgoorlie.
          such comment
          many post


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            Alreet Dirty, how's it goin? I assume you're from dan saaf?

            Aye Kal is a million miles from the toon, but we got to start off somewhere. Will move to Perth eventually, just got to do the hard yards out here first (for visa reasons)

            Got my test on the 25th and all going well I'll be riding to Perth the weekend after that. If there's any rides happening I'd be keen to get amongst it.