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Hi PSB... NEED HELP! (Proposal Video)

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  • Hi PSB... NEED HELP! (Proposal Video)

    Hi fellow PSB members,

    A little about me-
    Age: 29.
    Location: Northern Suburbs
    Ride: 2009 Yamaha R1
    Riding experience: 9+ yrs
    1st Bike: 125cc Kawasaki
    Origin: India

    I have finally joined PSB and joined for 1 main reason:

    I NEED YOUR HELP ! (Love of my life matter)

    I am thinking about proposing to my gf of 5 yrs. I really wanted to make it special. As both her and I love motorcycles (I love to ride 'em and she loves to be ridden everywhere)
    I was wondering if 10-15 of you fellow members would like to help me with this Proposal.
    I am planning a Video proposal on her birthday (14 December), and a part of that video is I enter on my R1 as this is how we kinda met 5 yrs back... (later on in the video it's all about our life/ our parents, etc, etc)

    The PLAN: I want to shoot probably a 3-4 min video with around 15-20? bikes making an entrance (behind me on either side with me riding in the center) or you guys doing wheelie's etc at the back (something to that sort)

    I would love to make this over the top/corny/cheesy video and play it during her birthday party with all her/my friends (Who have no idea about my intentions to propose). Then after the video go down on 1 knee...

    HELP: I would appreciate if around 15-20 of us could come together on a weekend/ meet somewhere (UP for suggestions) and shoot this short entrance take. (Any deserted Roads?)

    Deadline: Exactly 1 month left for her birthday (14 dec) and I would love to give the best bday gift to her ever (the proposal), as she has been waiting for this for the last 2 yrs

    Example PIC Below: (Note: I Cannot wheelie even if god helps me)

    Please email me on [email protected] or txt me on 0401368019


    Thanks and I really hope you guys can help me achieve this.

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    We've never had a welcome thread like this...

    Not sure how it will go, but I'm sure you will find some willing helpers...


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      [MENTION=37440]Linz[/MENTION] might be able to help as he just did an assignment making a video on bikes..

      Depending when/where it is, I'll happy ride somewhere in the background to help can't wheelie for shit though.


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        Wow, full on intro thread. Is the example pic of you holding the ring? I like the idea! I'll get some suggestions rolling... Maybe get everyone to shred some rubber and spell out "will you marry me?" It all looks like mess and smoke everywhere but then you pan across with the aerial shot and watch her gasp as the smoke clears.. Then drop that knee!


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          welcome aboard rahuireddy,
          Someone managed to get a whole bunch of guys to ride in muppet head costumes not that long ago so I think your in with a good chance.

          3 to 4 minutes is a long time to fill with wheelies, you might have to put some slo mo scenes in there
          I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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            Thats some creative thinking there TeaBee... Would be absolutely amazing... Wonder who can carry that off though- All that burn out... Hard enough to get my 20 bikers to ride by the look of it...

            Need help urgently- Help fellow riders...


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              Thanks Heretic... Yeah I did make a few trial videos my the GO PRo at 120fps slo mo--- looks awesome! just need the bunch of guys/girls now (some one skilled to pull those wheelies at the back while I ride, cos I clearly can't)
              all 3-4 mins doesn't have to be stunts though..


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                I'm sure you'll get some takers mate, post has only been up for a couple of hours! I'd be happy to help out if I'm in town


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                  Sounds like fun, [MENTION=27398]Gothchick[/MENTION] and I will be in depending when and where


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                    Could be in depending on time and date. No wheelie skills though.
                    In sterquiliniis invenitur.


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                      Awesome idea! I'm down to help out, just depending on when you do it

                      Although I'll be a boring extra... No wheelies or stoppies from me. But I do have a bright yellow furry muppet helmet cover
                      I came here to drink milk and kick arse... And I'm all out of milk


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                        Here's a random thought, how about Barbagallo racetrack on the 30th November during the lunch break?

                        I might be able to persuade a lovely lady up there to organise it.

                        Probably not wheelies but chequered flags etc.


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                          Originally posted by Old frt View Post
                          Here's a random thought, how about Barbagallo racetrack on the 30th November during the lunch break?

                          I might be able to persuade a lovely lady up there to organise it.

                          Probably not wheelies but chequered flags etc.
                          is there even going to be a lunch break?
                          Atlas Performance, dyna pumps, " your name goes here"


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                            Yeah, ill be in, depeneding on time and date. After work (5pmish onwards) weekdays and weekends will be best for most i reckon.
                            No wheelies or anything, and by bike is an old 250, but i can help fill in the background space....


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                              That's so cute

                              Good luck with it! ^_^