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Upgraded from a Demented hairdrier! Geared bike NOOOB

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  • Upgraded from a Demented hairdrier! Geared bike NOOOB

    Hey all, been recomended this site by a freind and established rider.

    needed a commute solution and for 18 months commuted on a 50cc scooter, but NO MORE, moverd further away from Work and though about time to moved up in the world.....

    Friends are helping with shadowing ATM and will put in for test soon - Just Brought a HYOSUNG GT250R - on a bit of a budget with the whole lesson thing..

    so if any one taken test lately in Perth and could advise whats involved would appreciate.

    emerg stop and slow spped control, basic driving and blindspot checking etc, but anything else???


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    Hi and welcome along

    Good luck witht he test, tip though ring and book now, it's not as easy as you think to get a booking!!!


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      It might take you a few weeks to get a booking but you could get lucky if you call on tuesday/thursday mornings as that's when they release the dates.

      Have at least one lesson with an instructor, they will walk you through what you need to do to pass the test.
      Originally posted by Desmo
      Why be a cunt about it?


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        Yep what Stoneville said, book a test now!! There was around a 4-6 month wait at all centres unless you get lucky and snag a cancellation. Midland had the shortest wait when I did mine and the assessor was a good bloke.

        I can recommend Alert motorcycle training (I had Graeme) for lessons, there cb125's are incredibly easy to control for u-turns etc too. There is an ask an instructor thread in the lams forum that should cover everything you need to know