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  • G'Day all!

    Was referred to this website after showing some interest in roadbikes on a dirtbike forum!

    Have had a fair whack of experience off road, competing in Enduro's the last few years. Currently riding a Berg TE250 for off-road, actually a road registered bike, but it's not the sort of bike you ride to Scarborough for a day.

    This is not to say I'm keen on getting rid of my beloved Berg and converting to the street scene. More just the interest of being on 2 wheels more often. For a long time the consequences of road riding have scared the shit outta me. But after much consideration, and persuasion, I think it's time!

    Trying for my R-Class this week, then in the market for preferrably an R6, with a budget of between 5-7k.

    Was in Melbourne last weekend and noticed the market is much bigger than Perth, anyone ridden one from the East to the West?

    Any advice about them would be great, although I have read already the thread on 'High Km's' and the thread on how not to die on the road...

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    Welcome mate, always great to have the best of both worlds with a dirt squirter and road bike. One for winter, one for summer!

    In terms of getting cheap bikes over from the Eastern States (If thats what you're intending?) I know of a few people who have had them freighted over. Would save your arse and wrists from a long haul across on an R6!

    Also, out of curiosity, what dirt bike forum did you come from?


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      Welcome to PSB

      Originally posted by Valleykid88 View Post
      anyone ridden one from the East to the West?

      My trip was for pleasure rather than having purchased one over there. If buying from the east coast and riding back there would be quite a few costs to factor in. Your flights over there, somewhere to stay while you look at bikes, cost of fuel on the way back, cost of tyre and other consumables wear, and other kilometerage associated depreciation effects of a ~3500km ride from Melbs.
      If you factor in all those costs and compare them to what you are saving on the cost of a local Perth bike, then you'll be able to tell whether it's worth your while.

      Is the Nullarbor awesome? Shit yeah, I love the place. Is the ride boring? Yeah, rather dull.


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        I'm getting my bike shipped from perth to Tas in a couple of months for around $850 with a bike mover. Bike logistics is the company.

        I did ride perth to tasmania many years ago.

        I was a bit rash being 19 at the time pretty much strapped the gear on and went.

        Front tyre was shattered by Adelaide. Clipped a roo trying to make one more road house for the night, and rode through the middle of summer.

        From memory fuel is pretty good to get although expensive and back then not alway premium. I'd go a camel back for summer and just have a really good once over before leaving. Pretty much everything I didn't do.