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  • Hello to all

    hey there everybody, ive been meaning to join this forum for a long while now just never got round to it, i own 2 bikes, a 04 SV1000s and a 08 Aprilia RXV550 that i occasionally slap motards on and fo for a blat. i am passionate about bikes and a huge fan of MOTO GP (altho missed alot of this years due to work ) so congrats to Marq for smashing just about every record known haha and nice to see a good ride from Crutchlow, just a shame hes going ducati next season, but i digress. anyway i am looking forward to meeting new people that share my enthusiasm with bikes and my passion for the open road, so please, add me, talk to me, and im sure we'll have a good old chat

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    Hello SV Thou.

    Check out the in the loop section for rides.

    See ya.
    In sterquiliniis invenitur.


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      Gday, fellow SV1000S here Just put it away after tonight's ride.


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        HAHA i knew there would be others out there, good to see


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          Has your RXV been reliable?

          I've got a well ridden SXV 550, the single most fun bike I have ever owned...


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            i wouldnt say its *not* the single most reliable bike, i frequently have trouble starting it and had to replace starter motor, but it has seen a few bad stacks and managed to keep going, but i love it all the same, so fun so noisey just amazing on and off the road
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              Hi and welcome along


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                Welcome Mate