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    Hi all
    Im new to the forum but not to bikes
    I have had my z750 for nearly 2 years and looking at changing, possibly the new KTM 1290sdr
    I didn't realize there was such an active bikes forum for just Perth

    Looking forward to tagging along on more rides

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    Welcome along mate, check out 'The Loop' for upcoming rides.


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      Hi Hyadn92, welcome to the site, look in the "in the loop" forum for upcoming rides, by the looks of it theres a few people looking at the new KTM, i don't think you'll be on your own.

      oh - i got beaten by Old Frt, in which case, what he said
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        Thanks for the info, Im thinking i will go on the next newbie ride to learn the ropes of PSB rides. There shouldn't be much for me to pick up but i need to start somewhere


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          Hi and welcome along

          Plenty of new people were on the ride last night, see you on the next one maybe


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            Welcome! This is a good forum dude
            Originally posted by boeman
            Well it wouldn't have been fair to have a beard, a hot young missus AND a nice bike, now would it?

            I mean fuck, im not a selfish cunt.
            Originally posted by Chuck Steak
            Well fuck off then. And wherever you decide to fuck off to, keep telling them Perth is a shithole - it may help minimise the number of fuckwits/arseholes (can’t decide which word is more appropriate ) that move here.