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Hey PSB - GS500 rider here

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  • Hey PSB - GS500 rider here

    G'day all,

    Longtime lurker, but decided that it was time to get active within the Perth biking community.

    Currently riding a GS500, though now in the fun process of researching my next bike having passed my R-Class practical just the other week at City West. Last year I crossed 4500km of India in a tuktuk with a buddy and managed to squeeze in a couple of days on a pair of Royal Enfields. This year I'm planning to ride a Ct110 Postie bike from Perth to Darwin for charity.

    Besides commuting by bike each workday I've had a couple of awesome rides lately both to Yanchep Lagoon Cafe and the Bindoon Bakery - looking forward to finding out new routes and linking up with other Perth riders in future.

    Take it easy,


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    hi there ZZ this is a great forum to be on,by the way if you don't mind who was your buddy that did the tuktuk,as a mate of mine whom I play gridiron with also did it last yr.


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      Thanks for the welcome monkeywrench! (Foo Fighters fan?).

      I did the Cochin to Shillong run last April with two friends' Ben and Ron. Do you know your mate's team name and which month he did his run?

      They're weird little machines those tuktuks. You operate the throttle with one hand, then change gears and operate the clutch simultaneously with the other... So they aren't really that similar to motorbikes at all but you still need a bike licence to ride/drive one legally over there.

      That said, riding through the crazy traffic was pretty good high-stakes roadcraft training.


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        even thou he lives here he is a Canadian bloke by the name of logan not sure when all I know it was last yr
        cause he missed our gridiron season here in perth, not really a foo fighter fan,name comes from the fact I am
        vehicle mechanic.