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  • Gday

    Hi all

    December 2013 I purchased a basket case to rebuild 1972 cs5e the predecessor to the rd200

    currently in restoration, I collect the frame tomorrow

    attached is the start picture

    this is my first resto, and a return to 2 wheels after 35years away, my last bike was a little yellow 50cc yammy back in im bitten by the bug again and need to get licenced as well

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    welcome to the forum

    always interested in other peoples resto projects
    as it saves me the bother of having one of my own not to finish
    Note: this may not be the universe where the above is relevant.


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      Welcome Matt.

      The first street bike i ever rode was my fathers shiny new CS-2E (180cc).
      I was 11 years old.
      I used to ride it next door in the vacant block, cutting endless laps in the grass around a big grapefruit tree.
      One one day whilst cleaning it, i found a spare key lodged in the frame... never told my dad.

      I used to 'steal' the machine after school, then one day i got sprung when dad arrived home unexpectedly early... still never knew i had my own key... assumed i'd dug around and found his.
      I told him about that 'spare' key some years years ago, perhaps 35 years on... when he handed over to me his last bike (Laverda Jota).
      Thank you for reminding me of an early adventure.

      All the best with your restoration!

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        Welcome back to motorcycling Matt, sounds like a fun resto, I had an rd350 many years ago it was a hoot of a bike.
        "Keep the rubber bit down"