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    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

    So I'm relatively new to the world of bikes and I'd love some advice on what to be looking at - I understand you need to sit on a bike to see whats comfortable, and that everyone is different... And I know you've all fielded similar questions a trillion times by now, however I would like to find out what bikes (LAMS obviously) I should be looking at for a man of my size..

    I'm 6'7, 120kg's & I'd like to find something thats not going to feel like it's dying when I sit on it, and although I realise it's not likely, something sporty that I wont look abnormally large sitting on top of


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    welcome to the forum. I am still pretty new here, the people are usually pretty helpfull.


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      Have a look at this site - Motorcycle Ergonomics
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      ...the problem is that no-one wants to listen to an expert, just to have their own position/circumstance supported or be acknowledged.


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        Fit wise I would say a Kawa Ninja 650L and possibly a Suzuki SV650?


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          The Honda CT110 seems to be the best choice, doesn't look dorky either
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            We would need to know if your budget and whether you are looking for brand new or used.

            If money was no object then I would say one of the Kawasaki 650's. Either the Ninja, ER6n or Versys, depending on if you want faired, naked or dual sport style bike.


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              The old fashioned dual sports will do it (DR650SE and KLR650). Respring it for your weight if it drops too much. I weigh 100ish and don't have a problem. It won't be fast, but that has little to do with your weight. The ergos should be pretty good too.
              If you weren't on LAMS i'd say V strom and TDM 900.


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                I am 195cm and was 110 kilos when i had my 1st bike. Suzuki gsxf 650 was my choice.


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                  Only trouble with dirt bikes and supermotos is that the pegs are up too high for very tall people.


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                    hi and welcome I am 6,4 around 130kgs and I ride a er6n-l and I find it comfortable and enough get up and go for me the suspension dose not drop to much either.


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                      Don't worry too much about suspension, at your size you'd be best taking the bike to Marty Moose and getting it properly set up for you. You'll find most bikes will handle like shit until you get them matched for your height and weight.

                      Most important thing will be ergonomics. Have a wander down at the Causeway bike shops and sit on a whole pile of bikes, see what suits you best and feels most comfortable. My mate is the same size and build as me yet we both prefer completely different styles of riding position so the best way to tell is to get out there and sit on some bikes.

                      Originally posted by Aufitt
                      Try Para045, he definitely sounds all gooey in the fork for ya


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                        Originally posted by agrid View Post
                        Only trouble with dirt bikes and supermotos is that the pegs are up too high for very tall people.

                        V-Strom is LAMS,can get up to 4" peg lowers,they rotate,so can be pushed forward. Tried a Tenere?


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                          A colleague is 6'5" and has ridden an SV650 for a bit.

                          Whatever bike you get, you really should get the suspension sorted on it with appropriate rate springs (not expensive), as the stock ones will most likely be way too soft for your weight (most seem set up for someone around 70kg give or take from the factory). This will make the bike handle really badly for you, maybe bottom out more easily on things, etc. If you've ever driven a car that is massively over-loaded in the rear, it will be a bit like that.

                          And yes, Marty Moose is the man to see.

                          It's not massively expensive, but will improve your feeling on the bike tenfold.

                          I'd find something with a bar/seat/peg relationship you feel comfortable with, don't worry about how the suspension sinks initially (because they will all be way off), and then get it re-sprung ASAP. I suspect pretty much every bike on the market will sink excessively with you sitting on it.

                          You're probably looking at a few hundred bucks for springs...
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                            Also remember you can get aftermarket rearsets that can lower our peg height, similarly you can get bar raiser kits for most bikes, yep it might add another $4-500 to a bike, but it will open up a heap of options of what to buy.


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                              A larger rear wheel contributes to the rider not appearing to dwarf the bike. There's a few new LAMS models with a 180 rear wheel - Street Triple 660, Benelli 600, Yamaha MT-07 coming soon. Cheaper option would be CB500F (160 rear wheel same as Er6nL) which has lower end power for the more generous rider.
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