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So, your a newbie! Now what?

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  • So, your a newbie! Now what?

    Welcome to PSB!

    As your first point of forum business you are requested to create for yourself an AVATAR. An Avatar is a small picture that resides in every one of your messages (posts) and uniquely identifys you. It can represent who or what you are, it can be funny or it can just plain suck. Its up to you. But please no porn or inappropriate images, whilst funny and original as that is, we will delete it. Please spare a thought for those who open the forum at work and risk getting the sack due to inappropriate images on the web.

    Creating your avatar is piss easy, so do it now, heres a little Avatar How-To, PSB style.


    Please read the following before posting any questions about avatar pics. If you have read this and are still having problems, PM me or one of the PSB Admin or Staff. Not Tyson, or he will remotely crash your system.

    Go to your "My Controls" button (above right) and select "Edit Avatar Settings", (bottom left) from the left side menu. You should now have 3 options in front of you.

    Your avatar must be no bigger than 150 pixels by 150 pixels in size. Uploaded avatars from your computer must be no larger than 10 KB.
    The following file types are allowed: gif,jpg,jpeg,png.

    Don't forget to click Save Changes when you're done


    There are 3 ways to get a custom avatar.

    1) Upload it from your hard drive.

    2) Link from another website or image hoster. Click here, here or here to find an off site host for your image.

    3) Choose one from the forums own gallerys

    The first one is the easiest. Simply click on the "Browse" button and browse to the picture on your computer. Please remember that the picture must be 150 x 150 or 10kb, whichever comes first. You can resize your pictures and photos in a graphics editing program if you know how or by simply clicking HERE!

    The second way is to link from another site.
    Take THIS picture for example. I can link to it's URL from the change avatar window. I copy and paste the URL into the window labelled "Enter Avatar URL" and as long as the picture fits the requirements, I've got a new avatar.

    The third way is to use a stock PSB board one.
    If you choose the boards galleries. You suck at the internet.

    Please try this on your own before contacting a moderator or admin. Happy posting!

    If, in your endeavours to create your avatar you end up at THIS SITE, congratulations, you have achieved enlightenment. Peace be with you, always.

    If your having trouble deciding on an image to use, you can borrow this one, its both country and western.

    Again, welcome to PSB, the original and best. Ride on.